Diet: – eats McDonald’s – loses weight

Diet: – eats McDonald’s – loses weight

Yes, you read that correctly.

American Kevin McGinnis of Tennessee will eat McDonald’s With every meal for 100 days to lose weight.

Fast food isn’t exactly what you associate with dieting, but the 60-year-old must try it.

– I want to prove to myself and others that it’s not so much what we eat, but how much we eat, he tells Dagbladet.

Along the way, he’s documented his funky “slimming journey” on TikTok.

Something had to be done

Maginnis is already working on the project. It started on February 21 and will last for about four months. Why and how is this possible, many are probably wondering.

The American believes that it is not what you eat, but how much you eat that is crucial to losing weight.

Alfie (7) was pressed to death

Suddenly he got motivated to lose weight one morning. Then he realized that something had to be done.

– I have a wife, children and grandchildren, and I want to be here to see my grandchildren get married and have children, he says.

Lose weight

There were two obvious reasons for Maginnis to choose McDonald’s.

– I’m big, and my last name is Maginnis, which is why I’m called Big Mac. Why not embrace the name. Plus I love McDonald’s‘sAnd He says.

Home came to horror

Home came to horror

Training is not Maginnis’ focus. It is the diet that he wants to change in the first place in order to lose weight.

The 60-year-old weighed about 100 kilograms when he started. So far, the American has achieved results, but he is far from satisfied.

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– In two weeks, I’ve now lost seven kilos. He says the goal is 23 kilograms in 100 days.

I love him

The 60-year-old’s motivation was at its peak. Still, it’s nice to have the family behind him if he starts to have doubts about the project.

They are very positive and support me all the way.

The Americans’ chosen “diet” could be seen by many as an alternative, but it clearly works.

Huge explosion in the sun

Huge explosion in the sun

Would you advise others to do the same thing you do to lose weight?

– Yes. Find the type of food you like. If you are overweight, eat three meals a day, don’t snack, and eat half portions. and watch the scales, He says.

– But don’t you get tired of eating McDonald’s for 100 days?

-I love him. Since I don’t overeat, he says, I don’t get tired of it.

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