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Jonas Benyoub hos Lindmo

The rapper from Groruddalen in Oslo has made a name for himself in the Norwegian hip-hop world for nearly ten years, but 2022 is the year he takes off as a solo artist.

Jonas Benyoub’s career took off after he was discovered by Norway’s biggest rap duo, Karpe.

The young talent took part in Karpe’s latest album “Omar Sharif” – and this fall they stood together on stage during ten concerts at the Oslo Spektrum. From the podium he saluted his mother, who was sitting in the hall.

– It was incredibly cool Karpe to let me do that. He says my mum has always given me love and support.

Jonas Beniop at Bylarm earlier this year.

Photo: Kim Erlandsen/NRK P3

He fell between two chairs

Beniop grew up with a Norwegian mother and Moroccan father. In the Lendmo chair, he talks about his upbringing, drawing cues from Norwegian and Moroccan traditions.

– The first musical inspiration from that time came with Odalene’s grandmother and grandfather. I remember Alf Prøysen’s “Nøtteliten” and “Lillebrors vise” – along with Mardi Gras cakes with cream in the middle.

– There were a lot of stories, chats, jokes, Se, Hør and solitaire. That was nice.

One might think that Oudalene’s childhood was a stark contrast to family visits to Casablanca in Morocco – but according to Benoub, they were quite similar.

– There are many similarities. Both singing and family gatherings and a lot of joy. It is what good looks like.

However, it was not easy to stand between two growing cultures.

I fell between two chairs growing up, but eventually I learned to have both identities.

Jonas Peniop at Lindmo

Beniop grew up on two cultures. That gave him inspiration.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad

Helping young people during the day

Although the boy from the East End is on his way to stardom, he worries about the young people who have grown up in his immediate environment at Ellingsrud.

Besides his career, he has a day job at Forandringshuset. It’s a fun show for young people – but with a little twist.

Young people should create the show themselves. We are there and have a home for them, but they decide what will happen there.

– Now we have a music studio and a baking and game group. In addition, we have “United Brothers” and “United Sisters,” where boys and girls can sit down separately to discuss topics on everything from body hair to racism.

Jonas Peniop at Lindmo

Beniop thanks his parents, who have always been a great support.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad

Hope and motivation

The job means a lot to the artist, who himself attended the entertainment club in the area when he was growing up.

– It’s a rewarding job for me, and it’s good to be at Ellingsrud, to give something back to the youth. This way I keep my feet on the ground.

Earlier this year, he came out with his debut album “ZeroLove”, and on his new song “Spor i snøen” he pays homage to his parents.

– The song is about the fact that I finally did some pieces of music in the snow here in Norway. It’s also a little tribute to mom and dad. It is a beautiful song about hope and motivation.

Watch Beniop perform his new song in the studio at Lindmo:

Watch the interview on Lindmo on Friday at 21:30 NRK1 and whenever you want NRK . TV.

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