Tiz Awards, Tiz | He came in a custom-made dress: – It was too short

Tiz Awards, Tiz |  He came in a custom-made dress: – It was too short

Karls/Oslo (Netafsen): On Thursday evening, the first Tise Awards will be held in the capital, where sustainable and reusable fashion will be honored through an awards ceremony.

Nominees in the ten different categories include artists Astrid S, Emma Ellingsen, Vitisha Williams and fashion group Fæbrik.

The rise of the latter is almost a given, and Fæbrik has long been at the forefront of reuse and sustainable fashion.

Jenny Skavlan tells Nettavisen that this awards ceremony is important, and she hopes that those who raise their voices about recycling and its importance will be highlighted:

– It hasn't been many years since an influencer started talking about reuse and how to live more sustainably, and you didn't have this space until recently. We want to applaud those who make conscious choices and I think it's very important to see them.

This year's winners at the Tise Awards 2024

Fashion profile of the year
Winner: Jenny Gerken

New sound of the year
Winner: Yunus Emre Ozkan

Brand of the year
Winner: Canvas

This year's fashion moment
Winner: Ada Martini in a Vixen wrap dress

Cultural profile for this year
Winner: Vitisha Williams

People's favorite
Winner: Leah Behn

Inspiring project of the year
Winner: TV 2 for their case “Recycle or Garbage”

Snapchat users of the year
Winner: Malin Nesvoll

Facilitating the Sunnah
Winner: Sonya Erin Johnsen

Brand second chance this year
Winner: Envelope 1976

She appeared heavily pregnant on the red carpet

Another member of Fæbrik who appeared on the red carpet was heavily pregnant Ingrid Vik Leisen.

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She told Nettavisen that the due date is in a few weeks, but she feels that the birth is very close:

– She says while laughing: – I feel as if I will give birth at any moment.

Several moms told VicLease recently that this is by no means an unusual feeling at the end of pregnancy.

– I'm counting on it, so maybe there will be some time left, says Vic Leisen, somewhat optimistically.

But in the event of an interruption at Tise's first awards ceremony, her colleagues at Fæbrik have a plan in place. See what's in the video!

Leah Behn is currently busy with Russian time, but she made time to attend the awards ceremony on Thursday evening.

On the other hand, she remained silent on the red carpet, but allowed herself to take pictures for the photographers present.

I had to take care of my clothes

Influencer and TV personality Øyunn Krogh has been nominated for the first awards show, and she's thrilled to be a part of it:

-It feels very good to be nominated. Krug says if there was one awards ceremony it would be embarrassing not to attend, it would be the TESS Awards.

She goes on to say that she has high expectations when it comes to evening wear, and hopes to see more “weird” outfits than she normally sees.

Krug is a big fan of reuse, and she designed special clothing for the occasion. But it didn't go as planned:

-I “saved” a dress that looked a bit ridiculous, and the cut was too short. I always underestimate it. “So I had to sew some stuff down,” Krug says and laughs.

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One of Tise's founders, Eirik Frøyland Rime, appeared at Carls – and of course in a costume purchased through Tise.

He believes it's time to show those who stand in the way of fashion consumption more sustainably.

– What's special about this awards ceremony is that we highlight those who are helping to promote sustainable consumption and fashion, which we feel there are not many good opportunities to brag about, says Nettavisen founder.

See more celebrities on the red carpet here:

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