Jenny Julia Danielson, Football | Jenny (29 years old) was ridiculed because of her appearance: – People think she is tired

Jenny Julia Danielson, Football |  Jenny (29 years old) was ridiculed because of her appearance: – People think she is tired

Jenny Julia Danielsson recently admitted in an interview with Finnish Language YLE She has been suffering from psychological problems for a long time.

She talks about the great pressure she puts on herself as an athlete and the many rude comments she receives.

“Why does a man play on the women’s team” and “Can you give me some mustache tips”, among the things I heard, According to Expressen.

– People find it tiring

Especially after a match between Finland and Denmark in the 2022 European Football Championship, the message exploded in the 29-year-old's inbox.

Many of the letters she received were, among other things, about the pigment spot she had gotten on her upper lip that summer.

– There were a lot of comments about my appearance. I didn't understand why, why so many people wrote what they wrote. I was there because I wanted to show something on the field. When I did that, people preferred to point out things that had nothing to do with football.

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– I know there are an incredible number of people who followed the European Commission, but maybe this is what made an impression on people when I entered this field. People find my appearance boring. Oh my God, things are going so wrong, continues the footballer.

He hasn't said anything – yet

She admits she was upset and upset by the messages from strangers, but she didn't say anything.

It was not until two years later that she spoke for the first time about the harassment and psychological problems that followed.

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“I've always been the fun, happy player on the team who tries to make others happy,” Danielson says.

Not even her closest friends knew anything about what she had been through.

– It is disgusting that quite a few of my close friends, whom I have known for many years and played with in the national team, wrote to me that they knew nothing about this matter. They think it's very good that you dared to go ahead with this, because it happens all the time.

Moreover, the footballer says that it was not easy to talk about the harassment publicly.

– It's the first time I'm talking about this. Many years have passed without me saying a word.

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– It was a scary move, she admits.

I was in a car accident

Danielson played 30 international matches with the Finnish national team and played for a number of clubs. Among others, she was at Scottish club Rangers, Swedish club AIK, Spanish club Huelva, and FC Honka in her native Finland.

She was recently involved in a car accident with her former colleague Hannah Davison during a trip to the United States.

– My life completely stopped, because it was terrifying. I really needed to stop for a moment, damn it was close.

– But you still haven't talked to anyone about the matter, talking about the accident.

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