February 3, 2023


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Do they feel the breath of the police around their necks?  - V.G.

Do they feel the breath of the police around their necks? – V.G.

Crime: It is not yet known who entered Slovenian 4 and exposed Ann-Elizabeth Hagen to a heinous crime.

A closed Bunnpris store in Oslo, a mysterious prepaid card and a phone number never physically used. Anne-Elizabeth Hagen’s hunt for criminals continues.


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In the past year, Lørenskog investigators New tracks drops More than three years on, this ensures that hunting still yields convincing results.

The more you immerse yourself in cryptospore, the more attractive it seems. The police have seldom encountered the most gruesome case, where every effort has been made to keep the perpetrators from being exposed openly.

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SIM card mystery

Faceless criminals

False IDs, unregistered prepaid cards, anonymous emails and the use of multiple cryptocurrencies are legitimate applications. The goal is to avoid up to 21 years in prison Terrible crime Anne-Elizabeth Hagen (68) exposed.

New track: One such starter pack containing Telia’s prepaid card, which went on sale in 2017, is now linked to the murder of Anne-Elizabeth Hagen. The picture shows today’s design.

The perpetrators tried to reveal the most professional and calculations of all kinds. Only time will tell what is the right crime in their view.

The police will work with full force. There is a lot about cryptospores. From the outside, the hunt appears to be a barrier where no one knows how many or how many obstacles to overcome – or where the finish line is.

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Ask for a refund

The starting point of cryptospores is gradually becoming better known: in a Letter to Tom Hagen He claims to have found his home in Slovakia 4 when his wife went missing on October 31, 2018, demanding that an anonymous opposition party contact them by sending small sums of money to each other in cryptocurrency bitcoin.

But there was more. The billionaire from Lørenskog had to pay a ransom equivalent to 90 million kroner in another cryptocurrency; Monero.

Missed: Anne-Eilsabeth Hagen, 68, went missing without a trace – three and a half years after she disappeared.

At the end of the police investigation, it was revealed that the so-called opposition party had used a third cryptocurrency – the dash – and three additional exchanges; Binance, Huobi and KuCoin. Ole Henrik Golf’s stolen passport was misused to verify himself in one of these transactions.

This also applies to his company address in the zone is Store Elgate 16A.

Mysterious phone number

The offender (s) also created an email address in his name, [email protected] Last but not least, the mysterious phone number associated with Telia’s prepaid card was given as + 47 40 74 56 68.

Investigators note with interest that the phone number was never activated until it went on sale at the Bunnpris store in June 2017 and disappeared in October next year.

As far as investigators can see, this was not said in any context other than for verification on the cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin.

Lead in the hunt: Police Inspector Germand Hansen in the Eastern Police District.

The man or woman who took care of the prepaid card and phone number + 47 40 74 56 68 is now tempted to ask what they think?

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Long road

If the person in question was expecting dedicated and hard-working investigators through importers, wholesalers and transporters from China – finally found the prepaid card that went on sale at the Bunnpris store in Idolon, Oslo. ?

What do the person or persons who knew about the purchase of the prepaid card and its use in the case of Lorenzcock’s disappearance think today after the release of Search VG?

Police Attorney Richard Berg Peterson spoke on whether they feel the heat in their necks. Are they afraid that the next hurdle or barriers will even explode? Did the police soon succeed in infiltrating all the encryptions and attempts made to avoid further capture?

For the police, it is appropriate to follow several possible clues. Who are the customers of Bunnpris store in Lidal in the last half of 2017?

Who lives nearby or has other contact? Is there any activity or function associated with known clues in the case?

More new tracks

Last year, police released three rounds of cryptospores. Everything can be part of a carefully thought-out strategy. Investigators may have more cards in hand that will be played at the right time.

But the big, open question remains unanswered: Will seeking decisive clues lead to a verdict against one or more offenders?

Only time will tell. At the beginning of the summer of 2022, there was no sign that the police were going to give up. The identity of the Bunnpris store as a sale for a prepaid card represents a clear step forward.

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For the first time, police have identified the location of a body that contained one of the physical objects used in the crime against Ann-Elizabeth Hagen. The trail goes more clearly towards Norway and the Oslo region.

This should cause deep concern for the perpetrators.
They can quickly feel the police breathing down their necks.