– Obviously we need to reconsider the rules

- Obviously we need to reconsider the rules
Labor leader Jonas Kahr is pleased that Store Party colleague Dellef Ing Marland has apologized.

Starting representative Dellef is here in Marland (Labor) apologizing and is open-minded to give up a starting apartment. – Party leader Jonas Kahar Store says it is important for everyone to follow the existing rules.

On Tuesday afternoon Aftenboston revealed that the starting representative had a free commuter house in Oslo from Storting, despite having an apartment here in Delft Marland (Labor Party).

When Aflandboston first asked Marland about this, Storting’s starting representative replied that Storting’s rules gave him the opportunity to do so.

Then on Tuesday night, Sorting’s director Marianne Andreason denied that this was true. Marland then apologized.

After the release, Uptonboston Labor leader Jonas Kahar called for an interview with the store. He was unable to be interviewed, but commented on the matter via Labor Party communications manager Jarley Roheim Heganson.

Pictured here is Labor leader Jonas Kahar Store with party communications manager Jarley Roheim Hoganson during a party leader debate in Arendal in August.

Uptonboston’s question to the Labor leader was:

  • According to Marland, although he already had an apartment in Oslo, the reason he applied for commuter housing was because the terms allowed him to do so. Do you think this is how the starting plan for commuter housing should be used?
  • Marland says another reason he applied was because he got a bigger apartment from Starring than his 37-square-meter apartment in downtown. Is this a good reason to apply for a commuter home when he already owns an apartment in Oslo?
  • Should he have been informed when he applied for housing that Marland had a residence in Oslo for starting?
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Owned his own apartment in Oslo: Labor politician later received free housing from Sporting

Status: Need for reconsideration

Storey did not answer questions directly, but wrote in a text message at 18:40, via Store Hakanson, “It is obvious that we need a review of the rules.”

He also wrote that the case for Marland “differs from other cases that have come up.”

In recent days, Aftenposten has revealed that KrF leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad got free housing at the expense of storting for ten years because he booked into the boys ’room with his parents. At the same time, he owned a house in the current Lilstrom municipality for five years, which he rented out.

In addition, we noted that Sweeney Rodeo (V) was recorded in the boys’ room when selected for steering. This is how he got commuter housing and did not have to pay living expenses for four years.

At the same time he had an apartment in Oslo, Delleff applied for a commuter house with Marland Starting here. He got it, but he did not mention that he already owns an apartment in the city.

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Robstodt announced last year that he was moving out of the boys’ room. So, he got free housing from Storting.

Aftenboston was recently able to reveal how KrF leader and Minister for Children and Families Kjell Ingolf Ropstad used a special exception in the rules for commuter housing. By registering with his parents in Sorlandet, he was able to live for ten years free of charge at the Oslo Center in Sorting.

Calls for clear terms

The store pointed out earlier Tuesday that Marland actually had a house in Akhtar, where he lived when he became a Member of Parliament, and still lives when he was home.

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– And then I think he and Starting are now going through this completely. Again: we must have a set of rules that are clear, and do not provide additional financial benefits to those selected for starting.

For more than half a year, Marland managed two houses in Oslo. He then decided to rent his own apartment in Oslo. He has confirmed to Aftonbosten that he has earned about 90,000 kroner to rent so far after taxes and fixed costs.

Minutes after the store responded to Aftonboston’s inquiry via Hoganson, the case took a new turn: Martington Andreason, director of storing, later said Marland did not meet the criteria for a commuter home. .

Anderson also said he should have informed Sporting about the house in Oslo when he applied for the Marland Commuter Housing.

– Glad to say Dellef wants to clean up

That’s when Marland followed up and apologized.

When the management of Sporting thinks they have received incomplete information from me, of course I should have given them this information. forgive me.

At 20:28, after listening to the background of the starting director’s statement, a new text message came to the Upton Post from the store. The store then said in an SMS:

– It is important for everyone to follow the existing rules, and I am pleased that Dellef said he would clean up with the Sorting management.

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