Does Apple ban this iPhone in Europe

Does Apple ban this iPhone in Europe

You may remember our case that Apple may limit the speed and possibly functionality of uncertified cables for the iPhone 15 series, which will be Apple’s first with the standard? That’s what the rumors are about and what Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks.

The European Union should have already warned Apple about this back in March

These are semi-constant rumors, but it makes sense that the company already has a certification program with Lightning (which, however, is only a third-party standard for Apple) and will likely require manufacturers to follow the company’s guidelines for one and the other regarding potential power and computing power. – Apple will be the one to do it, anyway.

But the EU is already looking into this, and they don’t like the situation – this was before Apple launched the product.

Message sent, warning received

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton has already sent a letter to a California company warning against restricting the use of USB C cables. If this happens, iPhone sales could be banned in the EU when USB C requirements come into force in the fall of next year, just like the launch of the iPhone. .

EU guidelines for the USB standard, now required in almost all types of devices, will be introduced this fall. If Breton is to be believed, this guideline will also address the fact that post restriction is not allowed, but the nitty-gritty and technical aspects of this will also likely be discussed.

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