Donald Trump – A strong hint about the upcoming presidential election

Donald Trump - A strong hint about the upcoming presidential election

Trump delivers the keynote address concluding a major conference at the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), a think-tank crammed with his allies. Trump enters the podium at 21.30 Norwegian time.

In the speech, Trump commented on inflation and rising gasoline prices in the United States. In his view, the country is now “kneeling” under the Benden administration.

– Our country is going to hell, says the former president.

According to him, he blamed the Democratic Party NEWSWEEK. He claimed that the United States had a thriving economy, secure borders with Mexico, low gas prices, and no inflation when he himself was president.

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Our country is now a pool of crime, we have blood, death and suffering on an unimaginable scale, Trump said in a speech on Tuesday.

So he thinks the people will vote for a republican president in 2024.

Uh! Ugh! During the closing speech, there are many voices coming from former President Donald Trump. Video: Reuters
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“I’m looking forward to a Republican president taking back the White House in 2024, which I really think will happen,” Trump says.

Trump earlier stated that he would run for re-election in 2024 to be re-elected President of the United States, and made a clear hint during tonight’s speech.

– If I do not do this, our country is lost, says the president.

– We won’t let this continue. We are preparing for an amazing comeback, Trump says at the end of the 90-minute speech.


It is said that some Trump advisers have asked him to talk more about his future vision as he prepares to announce whether he will run in the election.

A few hours before Trump took to the podium, former Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech in Washington.

Elections about the future

In the speech, Pence talked about the fact that there is no point in looking back to win the election.

Some choose to focus on the past, but elections are about the future, he told a group of conservative students.

He also speaks in favor of imposing the death penalty on drug dealers, and points to China, which Trump claims has no problem with people who use drugs.

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