Donald Trump – Murdoch should be attacked

Donald Trump - Murdoch should be attacked

Trump called me. Clearly he had had enough.

This is what Jared Kushner, 41, the son-in-law of former US President Donald Trump, wrote in Breaking History, which will be published next month.

that it Watchman Who should have seen the book by now.

In the book, Kushner claims that Trump should have considered sending a message on Twitter attacking media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

– This guy is no good, I’m going to tweet him, the chief is said to have said.

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Trump has long been known to ignite the social network.

– I will fix it

Kushner also alleges that he asked Trump not to send the Twitter message when Trump was in the middle of the Republican primary.

Murdoch is perhaps the world’s most powerful man among the conservative media, and the chancellor further wrote that he feared negative publicity about Murdoch could have consequences.

“You don’t have to end up at odds with Robert, give me a few hours and I’ll fix it,” Kushner reportedly replied.

After that, his son-in-law claims to have fixed Murdoch’s backing. If the allegations are true, according to the Guardian, this intervention could be a major intrusion into modern American history.

The media mogul’s support for Trump, mainly through Fox News, helped the billionaire win the presidential election over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

important time

The explosive biography comes in the middle of a period of intense excitement over whether Trump will run again as the Republican presidential candidate.

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In recent weeks, he has appeared more and more publicly as he hinted that he would try to avenge the defeat of Joe Biden in the elections (79) in 2020.

However, Trump has not formally launched his candidacy in the presidential campaign that is expected to begin at its peak during the summer.

The former president is already in trouble as a result of hearings about the storming of Congress on January 6 last year. The hearing revealed that the president had done nothing to stop the mob storming Congress to protest Biden’s legitimate electoral victory.

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