Donald Trump: – reveals concerns:

Donald Trump: - reveals concerns:

A number of protesters filed civil lawsuits against former US President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization.

The reason is that protesters claim to have been subjected to violence and threats from Trump security guards in connection with a demonstration outside Trump Tower in New York in 2015.

In October last year, Trump testified under oath via a video broadcast, and in connection with the trial, an excerpt from the testimony that lasted more than four hours was published.

The protesters are afraid

In his testimony, Trump said that frightening situations can often arise due to large crowds.

The former president highlights, among other things, a campaign meeting in Iowa in 2016, where he feared protesters would throw fruit at him. So he urged the public to “get rid of the shit” of the people who tried to throw tomatoes.

a race: When Donald Trump saw how he was being filmed in the promo of an interview he gave to TV journalist Piers Morgan, he was furious. This video shows how the interview ended. Video: Piers Morgan Uncensored. Reporter: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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Trump stressed that he expected security guards to use physical force in such cases.

– I think you have to be aggressive to prevent this from happening. Because if that happens, you could be killed. It’s very dangerous, he says Washington Post.


– Things worse than tomatoes, such as pineapple and bananas, were also eliminated. It was very violent stuff.

Trump also claims that the call to beat the other participants was a joke.

– But there may have been some truth in that, he says.

2024 elections: Donald Trump is fueling speculation about whether he wants to run for re-election. Video: WRN.
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refuses to interfere

The Trump Organization’s chief of security and former Trump bodyguard, Keith Schiller, is at the center of the case. According to prosecutors, he hit a protester in the head after trying to retrieve a poster Schiller had taken from them.

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Trump has consistently denied having any knowledge of the events outside Trump Tower in 2015. Prosecutors continue to believe that Trump – as the top commander of the organization and its security personnel – is jointly responsible.

However, Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, claims that Trump was well aware of what was going on. Cohen claims he was with Trump in his office when Schiller reported the protests outside the building. Then Trump was said to have asked Schiller to “get rid of the protesters,” as he writes NBC.

Alina Habba, Trump’s lawyer, is responding forcefully to the fact that Cohen was recently called as a witness to the protesters.

It is highly doubtful that Cohen reported being a voluntary witness six years after the protesters filed their complaint, she says, referring to him as a former “dissatisfied employee” in the Trump administration.

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