Dramatic increase

Dramatic increase

– That’s dramatic. Higher water and sanitation charges come on top of sharp hikes in interest rates, higher electricity rates, and sharp price increases. At Huseierne we take care of the private finances of ordinary families. There is a limit to the amount of expenses the average homeowner can afford.

The words belong to General Secretary Morten Andreas Meyer in Hosseini, who responds to municipal fee figures in 2023.

The National Home Owners Association states that water and sewerage charges for a standard 120 square meter detached house are constantly reaching new heights.

– Fear this is just the beginning

The most expensive municipality is Tolga, where water and sewage charges have risen by 68 percent and now amount to NOK 35,104 in total. In second place we find Flesberg, with a fee of NOK 27.548, while in Aremark, in third place, a fee of NOK 25.40.

– This year we see that water and sewage fees in many municipalities have already reached a level we are not used to. We’re afraid this is just the beginning, says Meyer.

The most expensive

There are a total of 14 municipalities that have water and sewage fees of more than NOK 20,000 in total. By comparison, there were ten municipalities where water and sewage charges exceeded NOK 20,000 last year.

The country’s major cities have much lower water and sewage charges than the municipalities that top the list.

Check out the full overview here.

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– Unexploded cost bomb

In March, the Landowners’ Association announced that consumers expect a significant increase in water and sewer charges.

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Homeowners have long warned of an unexploded costly bomb lying under the floor. Now it explodes, Meyer said.

Homeowners also report that Norway’s water and sanitation sector has a significant investment need and maintenance backlog.

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