June 10, 2023


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Drones, Drone Technology | Norwegian drone technology takes off – sold to 27 countries

In the summer of 2022, Nettavisen can talk about Kennet Nilsen and the KTV Group and their drone adventure.

A real drone has taken to the market.

Already at that time, the wider world was beginning to show interest in Kennett’s invention, but now it has accelerated.

– We’ve signed agreements with companies in 27 countries, and more are on the way, Nielsen confirms Bergen newspaper.

Make Koreans gossip

Recently, a group of South Koreans visited Bergen to take a closer look at the invention: a drone equipped with high-pressure washers, which can do work at great heights.

The newspaper writes that after the presentation of the washing drone, in which Nielsen whitewashed (!) The building of the Tax Agency in Nonnesetergaten, the Asians hastened to sign the agreement.

So bang in 2022

The project using a washing drone started in 2015, but it wasn’t until 2020 that the drone was able to wash facades and windows.

A high-rise building in Bergen the company used to spend three months cleaning, now they spend two days with a washing drone.

– After a year and a half of tests, where we pushed the drone to the limit, we had a stable solution that worked fantastically, said the entrepreneur.

In 2022, the company will start commercializing the product.

– the response was absolutely colossal. It’s gone at once. We have daily meetings with different people from all over the world. We have had visits from people in Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Denmark and the Netherlands. It went really fast, Nielsen said.

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Nielsen also has no international competitors who can capture market share.

– We are the first to commercialize this technology on such a scale. He pointed out that we are the only ones in the world who have marketed this.

Requests are pouring in from all over the world.

– I think it’s very interesting to sit in meetings with people from all over the world who think that what we have achieved is great, says Nielsen.

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You will have delivery problems

Inquiries often come from building owners. In Great Britain, KTV Working Drone has, among other things, been in contact with a real estate company the size of Obos in Norway.

– They have been looking for drones for several years and said that they will need a hundred drones, says the entrepreneur.

In India, the need is even greater.

– One real estate developer in India said “If these drones can do what they tell them to do, they will have trouble providing as many drones as we need”,

– Safe and secure

One of the reasons for the increased demand for drones is that companies want greater safety and an efficient system.

People do not have to climb ropes and use elevators to do work. Managers of larger properties are particularly concerned with security. They don’t want people climbing on their buildings, they want something safe and secure.

Dust is also a major problem in many parts of the world.

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It simply means you have to wash more.

However, it’s not just about delivering the drone back and selling it back to Norway.

– We saw very early on that we had to put everything in order. Those who are going to use the drones must get permission from the authorities, and they need a system. We had to provide a complete solution.

KTV Working Drone has already signed contracts with Australia, New Zealand and Denmark, but the sales volume will not come until 2023.

– Nielsen notes that it takes three to six months to get permits in different countries.

Are you afraid of not being approved for drones?

– We may have problems, but those who prepare all the risk analysis papers say we get low scores. According to the Drone Academy, it shouldn’t be possible to say no to this. Basically, this should be law all over the world, says Nielsen.

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Only in Norway

One of the partners is Australian business developer Leo Ruiu.

– Only in Norway there are washing drones, and the KTV Working Drone is a revolution. Royo says I admire how fast and efficient the drones can clean buildings.

The business developer went to Norway twice to gain insight into the KTV Working Drone. Royo says potential partners have already communicated their interest.

Ruiu will develop a network of local franchisees who will use Norwegian drones. To date, there is talk of 3,000 laundry drones.

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Theoretically, Australia alone could use 3,000 washing drones and the drones would be able to operate every day throughout the year, according to Royo.

– I have 30 new ideas every year

– Looking back 30 years ago, did you think things would go well?

– Yes, I got it. I am a typical entrepreneur. We have developed and tried a lot of things. Nielsen says we have four development projects underway and have spent more than 100 million on development.

– What is the tip for other budding entrepreneurs?

An entrepreneur is a typical person who questions things. An entrepreneur never stops and always asks why one does things a certain way.

He adds that many industries and sectors are traditional.

The entrepreneurial life is about thinking a little differently, seeing possibilities, Nielsen says.

– I have 30 new ideas every year, but I don’t have time to implement them all.

In addition, it requires patience.

– It took five years with the drone before we got down to business. He emphasizes that when there are many problems, one must not give up.