Isabelle Raad about her daily salary on Snapchat: – Completely crazy, actually

Isabelle Raad about her daily salary on Snapchat: – Completely crazy, actually

“I love you, Snapchat,” said the Norwegian influencer and former “Paradise Hotel” participant.


This is no coincidence.

On an average day, the 29-year-old earns approximately NOK 25,000 just by posting content on Snapchat, she herself claims. Furthermore, the influencer says that some days she can earn NOK 40,000 and NOK 60,000 from Snapchat content.

Raad himself reveals these numbers in a video clip on the platform to his approximately 300,000 followers.

– These are absolutely crazy amounts. I'm so grateful that Snapchat pays us for the work we do, says Girls of Oslo's profile.

Gimli Kino: Isabelle Raad at the film premiere

90,000 in one day

VG wrote on Monday about how the so-called “Snapstars” “Snapstars”“Snapstars” are people who have been verified by Snapchat. It can be identified by a small yellow circle with a black star inside it placed next to the username. They are likely to raise huge sums of money by sharing the big and small of their daily lives.

Influencers can get paid through Snapchat directly. It's the ads between creators' posts that generate money.

Influencer Lisa Borg told VG that she expects to earn NOK 90,000 in December.

Isabel Raad She claims she earned the same amount in just one day.

-The question is how much do I post? Best day I spent was NOK 90,000 in one day. It was quite crazy actually. She thought it was a mistake, but it actually wasn't, as she explained to her Snapchat followers.

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Snapchat has more than three million monthly active users in Norway, and time spent on the app continues to grow, according to Snapchat.

This year we're seeing an 83 percent increase in time spent on Snapstar content compared to last year. We're also seeing an increasing number of Norwegian creators and celebrities joining or returning to Snapchat again, Snapchat's head of talent and partnerships, Emily McDonnell, wrote in an email.

Million views

Raad content interacts.

-I can get 30 million views for today. That's why I earn as much as I do. “I'm seriously an open book here, and I'm taking you through my entire daily life and all my thoughts,” she says.

Meanwhile, the great “Snapstar” confirms that she only started making money on Snapchat two months ago.

– I “cut off” and held myself together and went completely freely – because I was stupid and did not follow the lesson.

Do as advised: Vixen Awards 2021 at Gamle Logen Oslo.  Sarah Emily Tandberg

Share more influencers

Norwegian influencer Sarah Emily Tandberg also chose to open her doors on Wednesday.

The former Vixen winner shows she earns between NOK 7,000 to NOK 25,000 per day by sharing content on Snapchat.

– Satisfactory amounts, certainly. “So grateful for that,” she said in a video to her followers.

Tandberg goes on to say that she has been taking photos every day since 2019 and that she loves sharing her daily life with observant followers.

-I have to be completely open about what I gain from this. This is a huge bonus. But that doesn't mean that's why I'm publishing this article, Tandberg says.

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