Earth could hide an alien planet

Earth could hide an alien planet

If you think this sounds completely crazy, then you should really keep reading!

Some scientists believe that a planet called Theia collided with Earth about 4.5 billion years ago. This is what the British newspaper wrote The Independent.

Hidden in the depths

As if that weren’t enough: These scientists believe the violent impact caused part of Theia to be torn off and thrown into space — where it became the moon.

Then what happened to Thea? Yes, scientists believe that parts of the planet were buried deep in the Earth’s mantle, and that the rest is still there.

Burned alive – a new development

The theory is based on a new computer simulation, and the results were published in the scientific journal nature Wednesday this week.

Two ambiguous parts

The study is behind the study by geodynamicist Qin Yuan and a research team from Arizona State University. The university itself writes that in one press release.

They believe this could explain why the Earth’s mantle split into two huge parts, 2,900 kilometers underground.

The mantle is located below the Earth’s crust, but above the Earth’s core.

These mysterious parts do not seem to move as quickly as the rest of the parts, and they also appear to be denser than the surrounding areas.

He was beaten at a concert - he suffered a terrible injury

He was beaten at a concert – he suffered a terrible injury

This may mean that it is made of a different material than what is found, the scientific website wrote nature.

– This is not the first time someone has put forward the idea that the anomalies in the mantle are leftovers from the planet Theia. But this is the first study I’ve heard of that takes the theory seriously, planetary scientist Robin Canopp tells Nature.

The European meteorological agency EUMETSAT recently posted stunning videos of lightning spreading across the Earth. Video: EUMETSAT, Storyblocks. Reporter: Annabel Brun/Dagbladet TV
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Now the researchers behind the study believe that these mysterious pieces of the mantle are actually part of the mantle of the planet Theia, and that they melted into the Earth after the massive collision.

It should be tested further

The theory that the Moon formed when an alien planet collided with Earth is controversial. There’s not a lot of direct evidence for this, and some findings from lunar missions may challenge the idea.

However, it can explain some important features of both the Earth and the Moon, such as the relatively small core in the middle.

- Very strange

– Very strange

The next step for researchers will now be to confirm the models, including comparing rock samples from the mantle with samples from the Moon.

Geodynamicist Maxime Palmer, who was not involved in the study, tells Nature he’s not sure whether the theory would hold up in water.

– The model should definitely be tested. He says: But I think it is an idea worth pursuing.

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