Corona rapid tests | Getting new cases after comprehensive testing: – It shows that people are good

Corona rapid tests |  Getting new cases after comprehensive testing: - It shows that people are good

Thousands of children, young adults and teachers in Vestoppland have had rapid tests – and the result has been a handful of positive test results.

The municipality where the fastest tests were distributed is also the municipality where the most positive results are reported after mass testing.

However, only four of the more than 7,000 tests showed two streaks, much to the satisfaction of the municipality’s chief medical officer Siri Vogelmberg in Gjovik.

Two of the four tested were in close contact anyway, so somehow two completely unexpected new infections were discovered during the mass testing, she said.

good people

The mayor is more satisfied than surprised by the small number of newly discovered infections, and believes that this indicates that people in the municipality have been obedient.

As I see it, this shows that children and adults in general were so good at testing themselves for symptoms or suspicion of infection that they were caught quickly and we seemed to avoid the dark numbers, says Berg.

Those who got two streaks on the home test can now record the test result themselves on the municipality’s website, easing the workload of the infection detection team.

Everyone who scores a positive test gets called, but that way infection trackers receive fewer calls and can manage the effort better, says Berg.

be positive

On Tuesday, the OA sent an inquiry to municipalities in Vestoppland, with questions about the number of new cases detected after mass testing.

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The general impression is that there are very few positive answers to the many thousands of quick tests.

In Gjøvik, as mentioned, there are four pluses, in second place is Jevnaker with two new pluses. However, those were already in quarantine, according to Mayor Marthy Burgley.

In Søndre Land og Lunner, only one new case was reported, while in other municipalities, no case was reported, or the newspaper did not receive a response to the investigation.

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Inventory is shrinking

Chief municipal doctor Siri Vogelmberg in Gjovik says they initially did not intend to carry out mass testing unless requested directly by the authorities.

“When the strong recommendation came at Christmas, we decided to keep testing, even though such a comprehensive test consumes a lot of our stockpile of rapid tests,” she says.

There are now such convenience stores that the municipality must carefully prioritize before handing in home tests.

The priorities are in line with the Norwegian Directorate of Health guidelines, where the order is stated as follows:

  1. Employees in the health and care sector and employees in other important community functions who have the possibility of exemption from quarantine during working hours, see. covid-19- Regulation § 6e. This group is considered the most important for prioritizing self-tests.

  2. People with symptoms of COVID-19 (including outbreaks). Municipalities have different access to different types of tests (self-tests, antigen tests for professional use and PCR), and are also free to use the most appropriate method of testing.

  3. All kindergarten workers and all pupils and staff in primary, secondary and secondary schools must be tested within 24 hours before going to work or school on the first day after the Christmas holiday. The Norwegian Directorate of Health requires municipalities to allocate a self-test for all students and staff for this purpose. The purpose of testing all staff and students is to detect infection before starting in kindergarten and school.

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