Christopher Shaw and dogs:

Christopher Shaw and dogs:

Christopher Shaw’s band, The Dogs, usually releases a new album at the beginning of each year.

However, the goal of keeping records in stores by the first Monday of the year has become impossible this year, due to production delays.

“Tough times call for stupid actions,” the band wrote on their Facebook page, and released a silent version of “El Verdugo.”

We thought people expected a product on the first Monday of the year, and that they might get the second best. The lid was clear — the grooves in the plates were the problem, Christopher Shaw tells Dagbladet.

It looks like it has grooves, but it isn’t. If you place it on your turntable, the needle will only slip and may damage the actuator.

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Will report to Spellemann

Shaw thought the idea of ​​selling a record without content was foolish at first, but was later convinced that it was a good description of cultural life during the pandemic.

He thought she should be eligible for a Spellemann nomination.

– We will inform Spellemann of this album next year. Silence is the sound of Kultur-Norge in 2021. If it’s not contemporary music I don’t know. Shaw says he meets all the criteria.

– The idea must have occurred to us after the album was finished printing.

Silence: It is uncertain whether a blank version of “El Verdugo” would qualify as music if it entered the Spellemann Prize. Screenshot: The Dogs / Facebook
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– Free to record album

Simen Idsøe Eidsvåg is the Press Officer of the Spellemann Prize. He’s not sure if the album release of The Dogs can be defined as music.

The rules for the Spellemann Prize are that contributions must contain more than 10 minutes of music. The Dogs is free to subscribe to the album, but then management has to consider whether it’s music or not.

Eidsvåg can’t answer whether the humor in the marketing game The Dogs will interest the jury next year.

The juries are different every year, so it’s hard to know anything about them.

Assembly line problems

According to Chao, it has become difficult to print records during the epidemic. In addition, it is believed that many artists focused more on selling vinyl as income from concerts suddenly disappeared.

The Dogs album went on sale Monday, and on Tuesday afternoon it’s on its way to sale.

Sales went well in hell. The Big Dipper soon sold 200 copies. Shaw says, I expect to sell it during the day or tomorrow.

Andreas Lynn Jacobsen is the general manager of the record store Big Dipper. He tells The Dogs fans to buy most of what they bring to the store.

The album will likely be sold out during the day. It’s so wild. We just hope people realize there’s no sound on it, Jacobsen tells Dagbladet.

Jacobsen says they have not received any complaints.

– There is only one person on the Internet who has canceled. Otherwise, there is a lot of good feedback when you come out.

Special Editions

The Dogs has extensive experience releasing music in unusual ways, and has begun printing their songs onto homemade singles.

Later they started it manhole covers saleThey released one of their albums as a single «cake wreath» From vinyl records.

– There weren’t many wreath cakes, 30 copies or something, says Christopher Shaw.

– We lift new manhole covers all the time. They go like hot wheat bread. We just got a new order for 30 caps. Now we’re sitting on a ton of iron looking to sell it, Shaw says.

What do you think of people who spend their money on a free album?

– I did the same thing myself. People want fun things in their record collection. I have a lot of these anecdotes, typos, and weird finds.

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