Easter Murder Games Markus Nebbi | The winner's prize creates feedback: – It's finally NRK

Easter Murder Games Markus Nebbi |  The winner's prize creates feedback: – It's finally NRK

Easter has already begun for many, and according to tradition, Easter week features the crime series, Easter Nut and Easter Maze on NRK.

These days, NRK's ​​new concept “Easter Crime Games” is being shown on TV, where participants have to go through typical Easter activities, and those who perform the tasks poorly are “killed” in a satisfactory way.

If you make it to the top, and walk away with first place, it may seem like you've walked away with a big piece of chocolate – more specifically, a quick lunch.

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In the first episode of “Easter Crime Games”, presenter Markus Nebbi (32 years old) presents the prize to viewers and participants. Although the prize is obscured on TV, it is clear that the packaging is exactly the same as the popular quick lunch chocolate.

Although some participants were still tight-lipped about the award itself, many of them could admit that the award wasn't quite to their liking.

– It should be bigger

Nebby is very secretive when he talks about the award, and does not want to reveal the first place winner. However, it does give a small hint as to what the prize contains.

– Of course I can't comment on the prize, but I can say that it is an Easter chocolate biscuit, exactly the same color as the quick lunch chocolate. Life itself is also part of the prize, Markus Nyby tells Netafisin.

But even if the presenter doesn't want to go into more detail about what the prize is, participant Marie Eriksen Bola (19), also known as artist Marie Bella, can say it's probably a quick lunch:

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– You should not see from afar that it is as it seems. Of course, it probably should have been a bigger prize, but it's NRK after all. You have to remember that you can't put too much into a completely modest Easter program. Marie Bella says: “I think winning a piece of chocolate if you make it this far might be a little prize.”

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Participant Lena Kristin Ellingsen (43) can also confirm the presence of a takeaway lunch in the prize pool, which she admits she was disappointed by:

– Yes, it was a quick lunch. I was a bit disappointed by it upon release, but I have to say the payoff here is the ride itself, Ellingsen tells Netafsen.

Positives about the award

Kåre Magnus Berg (45) believes the time for big prizes is over, but there will still be very few Kvikk Lunsj chocolates.

– I think in the 80s you won houses and cars and things like that. That time is over, so I think something should be done with this award, yes, he says and continues:

-The chocolate is so large that it spoils before you can eat it. It actually hurts.

Although many participants were disappointed with the prize, there were also those who could say they were satisfied with a big piece of chocolate.

-I am very happy with everything that is big. Anything you can put “world's largest” in front of, I love it. The world's largest orangutan, the world's longest jelly, and the world's largest takeaway lunch, I'm satisfied, says Espen Selvig.

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Comedian Ollie Henry Snidalsley (25) is also one of the entrants who would have gladly accepted the award:

– Easter is a great quick lunch, and it never fails, says Ole-Henri Snidalsley to Nettavisen.

NRK explains the award

Most people understand that the reward is a quick lunch, says Jan Egil Aadland, editor of the Easter Murder Games project. On the other hand, Odland does not understand that some participants are dissatisfied.

– The grand prize in Easter Murder Games is life itself. There can hardly be a greater reward than that. The winner also gets a huge piece of chocolate. Being frustrated by such a great award seems very strange, Aadland tells Netavicin.

– What is the reason you chose chocolate as the grand prize?

– Simply because chocolate is very good, and loved by many people on Easter. In addition, we at NRK are not accustomed to handing out very expensive prizes. He concludes that the alternative was a few kilograms of oranges.

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