Edge becomes a crypto wallet – ITavisen

Edge becomes a crypto wallet – ITavisen

Microsoft has a very interesting idea for Edge.

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It can make the encryption bigger

In fact, it should be more than just an idea, but something they are actively working on as per Web3 wallet screenshots.

feature? Ethereum is integrated into the company’s browser, a product Windows is increasingly trying to persuade users to switch to in various ways.

It should be set up for easy payment and receipt of funds, while private keys are used for purchases.

The user owns everything

Microsoft says about job wallets (you can switch between several of them) that they are “unguarded”. This means that in this case, only you and not Edge has access to the password and recovery key.

Edge generates a random alphanumeric address for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies and NFTs, “You can also use a QR code to share your public address,” the company explains.

Bitcoin support may come

Microsoft is also partnering with Consensys to exchange Ethereum, Dai Stablecoin, Uniswap, USD Coin, and Tether Coin. Again, Bitcoin is missing, but it can be added later for all the code that was discovered.

“This alphanumeric address identifies your wallet and is used for transactions — such as buying or receiving cryptocurrencies. You can also use a QR code to share your public address,” says Microsoft.

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Smart feature

The feature has only been rolled out to a small number of Windows 11 development testers.

This is interesting, because although there are many applications that facilitate sending and receiving coins, but mostly within managed systems where the service owns the wallet and not the user. We’re still not sure how easy it is to transfer money to another service.

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