Elon Musk reported a loss in revenue after an advertiser’s trip

Elon Musk reported a loss in revenue after an advertiser’s trip

After Musk bought Twitter in October, there was more negative news from the company, including thousands of layoffs, including senior executives, as well as criticism of its lack of content moderation.

in a message on Twitter on Saturday In the afternoon, Twitter and Tesla chief Elon Musk wrote that the company now has negative cash flow due to a nearly 50 percent drop in ad revenue and a lot of debt.

“We must achieve positive cash flow before we can have the luxury of doing anything else,” Musk wrote.

The company has seen an exodus of advertisers who don’t want their ads to appear next to inappropriate content.

– I was shocked

To address the advertising problems, Mask hired Linda Yakariyono, who was the former head of advertising at NBCUniversal.

Advertising experts Reuters I spoke to that the move could undermine New Top View and its efforts to bring back advertisers after Musk scared them away in the wake of his takeover last fall.

The Financial Times wrote at the end of June that Yaccariono had worked on a number of advertising promotion measures, such as launching a new video service, and increasing focus on celebrities and new hires.

The post limit is remarkably bad for users, and advertisers are already shaken by the mess Musk has brought to the platform. The “lack of trust” that Yaccarino has to reverse in the face of advertisers has become much greater. It couldn’t be reversed based on its industry credibility alone, Mike Proulx, Forrester’s head of analysis, told Reuters at the beginning of July.

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