The State Department established an export control agency in the aftermath of the Ukraine War. What does this mean for Norwegian business?

The State Department established an export control agency in the aftermath of the Ukraine War.  What does this mean for Norwegian business?

The State Department controls exports and sanctions. The influx of Norwegian companies is great during the day. The State Department will now create a separate agency to implement this.

Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis of Lithuania and Foreign Minister of Norway Anneken Huitfeldt aboard a Leopard 2 tank during a training exercise in Bardufoss last year. The State Department will now create a separate export control and sanctions agency. (archive photo)

The Department of State (MFA) controls the export of strategic and sensitive goods, technology and know-how. Norwegian companies wishing to export goods that may be subject to penalties should contact the Ministry.

In the aftermath of the war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus, the number of investigations increased. They have increased from 50-100 to over 1,000 annually. More and more sales and agreements must be liquidated.

announced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs So this week they are going to create a separate agency to take care of this.

– We will provide details about this agency regarding the state budget in the fall, says Foreign Minister Anneken Huitfeldt, by phone to Aftenposten.

The goal is for the agency to be established in 2024.

Hoetveldt flew in from the NATO meeting in Vilnius and landed in Jakarta, Indonesia. Here, you will participate in a meeting of foreign ministers of the Organization of Southeast Asian Nations.

– There are more than 100 cases every week now. The issues are complex. Many of the cases relate to export control and sanctions. Minister says work needs guidance.

Sanctions regulations and export controls are now managed in various departments in the State Department. The new agency will pool specialized expertise and ensure cases are processed faster.

More and more inquiries from the academic community

It is not only defensive articles that are covered by controls and penalties. This also applies to technology and knowledge. In 2021, the Solberg government halts the sale of Bergen Engines. This is after Bergens was tydende He revealed that two Russian oligarchs were the biggest owners by buyer. It’s not just arms exports that need to be controlled.

– It may concern civilian goods, the so-called versatile goods, which can also be used for weapons of mass destruction. There are different penalties for different countries. Orientation is important, Huitfeldt emphasizes.

The Secretary of State points out that these investigations are often complex. It can be difficult to know who actually owns a business, or who is the end user of a product. In some countries, the link between business and government is close.

She says there are more and more inquiries from the academic community. Here we are talking about the regulations regarding cooperation at doctoral level and above.

Foreign Minister Anneken Huetfeldt visits Norwegian soldiers at Camp Rukla in Lithuania in March 2022. Former soldier Fabian (Al) is a friend of her son. (archive photo)

The large influx led to waiting periods for the business community. It is hoped that the specialized environment will help speed up the procedures.

The unnamed temporary agency will be under the State Department. The Secretary of State continues to hold constitutional responsibility. Huitfeldt maintains that it is the business community’s responsibility to comply with the regulations.

The State Department must maintain the policy. The new agency will help with case management and guidance. Other oversight agencies supervise that trade with foreign countries is conducted according to the rules. That is, the police and the customs office.

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