Traffic, accidents | E6 closed after serious traffic accident – multiple injuries

Traffic, accidents |  E6 closed after serious traffic accident – multiple injuries

E6 closed after traffic accident. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration reported this on Twitter at 10:00 pm on Saturday.

The police in Nordland wrote on Twitter that the accident happened in Bleeknesmo in Saltal.


Three cars were reportedly involved in the accident. There must be smoke in one of the cars.

Emergency services rushed to the scene.

– All people have left the cars, the police in Nordland said on Twitter at 22:00.

In an update at 22:15, police write that emergency services have arrived at the scene. Police said the accident was serious.

– The accident was serious with multiple injuries, police write.

HRS informs Avisa Nordland that an air ambulance is on the way to the scene of the accident.

– Rescue operations are underway at the site, the police write in an update at 22:34.

At 23:19, police say they are working on the scene and are still working to get an overview.

– Three cars were supposed to be involved, after which one car was driven into a ditch and two cars collided.

E6 will be closed for a while

The cars were heavily damaged. According to the police, there will be some more disgusting things at the site.

– The E6 will be closed for a while, police say, managed by the Road Traffic Centre.

In front of Avisa Nordland, Jonas Johnson, transport operator at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, says the road will be closed for some time.

– We have not been given a date for when it will open, but we assume that the road will be closed for a period of time, Johnson explains.

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When AN spoke to transport operator Johnson around midnight, the transport operator says the road is expected to be closed for a few more hours.

Due to poor detour options, road users are advised to wait for possible travel to pass the accident scene at Bleeknesmo in Saltal.

– Time has not yet been allotted for opening the road. “If we have something to update, we publish traffic information as soon as possible,” said Johnson, pointing to the Norwegian Road Administration’s traffic information page. 175. No.

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