Convicted of obtaining an abortion pill: – I don’t feel guilty at all

Convicted of obtaining an abortion pill: – I don’t feel guilty at all
After the verdict: Here, Justyna Wydrzyńska leaves court after being found guilty of helping a woman have an abortion.

Now the woman must serve a community sentence.


On Tuesday, a Polish woman was sentenced in court for allegedly offering an abortion pill to a pregnant woman. He writes, among other things BBC.

The woman, Justina Wydrzyńska, helped set up the Polish Activist Group Abortion dream team. They want to fight the stigma surrounding abortion in Poland, which has some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe.

Wydrzyńska risked three years in prison for helping the woman. This week it became clear that she must complete a community sentence.

Continues: – Wydrzyńska said after the trial – I’m still on the way to helping women, according to Politico.

Judgment is not accepted

Wydrzyńska told the court that she had obtained abortion pills for a pregnant woman who was allegedly in an abusive relationship. This is what the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC wrote.

The woman was planning to go to Germany to have an abortion, but she was prevented. So I sought help online, reaching out to the Polish activist, who mailed a box of abortion pills. The woman’s husband found out and called the police.

Poland is one of two countries in the European Union where abortion is almost completely banned. Women who have an abortion are not directly punished, but anyone who helps them to have an abortion can be prosecuted.

In court, Wydrzyńska said she was not ashamed of what she had done, and that she did not want the woman to be alone in such a situation.

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– I don’t feel guilty at all. I just sat there and listened as if it didn’t concern me. Wydrzyńska told reporters outside the courtroom that I did not accept the ruling CNN.

Wydrzyńska was sentenced to eight months community service.

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Demonstration: Many showed their support for Wydrzyńska.

Dangerous precedent

The Center for Reproductive Rights, an international human rights organization, says this is the first time in recent times that a human rights defender has been convicted of facilitating another person to have an abortion, according to CNN.

Amnesty International believes that this trial will set a dangerous precedent in Poland. The country has had very strict abortion laws since the current government of the country came to power in 2015.

Politico She wrote that Wydrzyńska said she wanted to appeal the ruling.


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