Kim and Putin meet again:

Kim and Putin meet again:

Warm welcome: President Putin welcomed Kim Jong Un to the Amur region last September. Photo: AP/NTP

Just over six months after the last meeting in Russia, Vladimir Putin is moving toward dictatorship in North Korea.

Russian business newspaper Vedemosti was reporting on the visit, which will take place in the coming weeks. Putin also heads to Vietnam after visiting North Korea.

Relations between the two countries have become warmer in recent years, and a little more than six months have passed since the last meeting between the two countries. At that time, Putin was the host, and toasts and kind words were exchanged between the two:

– This confirms the opinion that Putin sees everything as a battle against the West. This is what Emeritus Professor Christian Gerner from Lund University says about the upcoming meeting.

He says Putin now sees North Korea as a close ally.

– Also because Russia benefits from military materials from there. Putin talks about a new world order, which clearly involves Russia's alliance with democracy's worst enemies.

Since the last meeting, the US military intelligence organization DIA has submitted a report that North Korean weapons remnants have been found in the war against Ukraine.

Peter Viggo Jacobsen
Peter Viggo Jacobsen

Cand.Saint.Paul, Ph.D. PhD in International Politics and lecturer in the Department of Strategy and War Studies.

Peter Viggo Jacobsen, of the Danish Defense Academy, says North Korea has delivered a lot of ammunition to Russia, and in this sense it is an important ally in the war against neighboring Ukraine.

The Russians need all the weapons they can get to fight the war.

He also points out that the Russian leader is very isolated, and that Kim is one of the few leaders he can visit.

– He cannot go to international meetings, because he faces the risk of arrest after he became wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

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