The discovery of the death of a child in the case of the disappearance of a Briton

The discovery of the death of a child in the case of the disappearance of a Briton
Intense manhunt: Since January 5, the British police have been trying to find the newborn, who did not receive any medical supervision after birth.

A baby was born in the car that caught fire on the highway in January. Thus began the issue of disappearances now rocking Britain.


Over the course of 55 days, British police, other emergency services and volunteer organizations led a nationwide search for the infant.

On Wednesday evening news emerged that the disappearance had perhaps the worst outcome imaginable: a stillborn infant had been found in a wooded area in southern England.

β€œI understand that the outcome of this search is heartbreaking to the local community and the rest of the population,” says Police Superintendent Louis Basford V statement.

MEET THE PRESS: Superintendent of Police Louis Basford and Police Inspector James Collins informed the public of the discovery of the dead child on Wednesday night.

He was arrested on Monday

The police have not yet said anything about the cause of death. The police are now urging the media and the public to refrain from speculating about what happened.

This discovery comes two days after the arrest of the spouses Constance Martin (35 years) and Mark Gordon (48 years) in the city of Brighton on Monday.

The couple is charged with gross negligence and negligent homicide.

The disappearance case, which has featured the British media for the first two months of the year, began with a car burning on a motorway outside Bolton on January 5.

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Technical investigations revealed that a delivery had occurred in the car.

Arrest: Presumptive parents Mark Gordon and Constance Martin are in custody.

Hunting nationwide

The police suspected that Constance Martin had given birth. However, the newborn did not receive any health follow-up after birth.

Soon, she and her partner, Mark Gordon, were asked by names and photos. In recent weeks, the police have regularly released a number of surveillance photos of the couple.

The pair left their mark across England.

Police believe they went to Liverpool, Essex, London and finally Brighton.

The taxi drivers heard the children’s noises

according to Watchman The taxi drivers who drove the couple in the early days after they were wanted are said to have explained that they could hear the children’s voices.

Police believe the wanted couple have been hiding out in woodland outside Brighton recently. They must have lived there in tents.

Extensive search: In recent days, the police, other emergency services and volunteers have been involved in searching woodland areas outside the city of Brighton.

Monday’s arrest occurred after someone noticed the two in a store and alerted authorities.

The couple must have been living a nomadic life since last fall, when police thought it became clear that Constance Martin was pregnant.

They are said to have stayed hidden by hiding in public, moving around at night and using only cash.

Mask: Surveillance photos from January show what is supposed to be the couple with a stroller.

From a wealthy family

Constance Martin comes from a wealthy family with ties to the British royal family, according to British media.

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In 2016, she was reportedly separated from her family after meeting Mark Gordon, a convicted rapist and registered sex offender.

Following Monday’s arrest, film and music producer Napier Martin, father of Constance Martin, made the following statement A statement to The Independent:

β€œIt is a great relief to know that my beloved daughter Constance has been found, but at the same time it is very disturbing that her child has not yet been found.”


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