Steering a new Russian helicopter – near the border with Ukraine

Steering a new Russian helicopter – near the border with Ukraine

– Don’t ask when to attack, but ask yourself if you’ve done enough, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba upon his arrival in Stockholm on Saturday.

The major Ukrainian counteroffensive is long overdue, and Kuleba calls for more military support—quickly. He says he appreciates all the help Ukraine has received, but says more is needed.

When you go to war, you need everything, literally. Only when Ukraine wins the war will I say we have received enough help, says the foreign minister.

He said nothing about when the counterattack was expected.

My answer there is simple. Instead of asking when the attack started, ask yourself: Have I done enough? Did you do enough to start attacking and succeeding?

Meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union

Kuleba is in the Swedish capital to attend an informal meeting with EU foreign ministers. There, Russia’s war against Ukraine is high on the agenda.

He says that the mother country is in dialogue about new arms packages from several countries.

Germany on Saturday announced a package worth around 2.7 billion euros – just over NOK 31 billion.

– Someone dies there

From Ukraine, there are reports of progress on parts of the front around Bakhmut, but Kuleba says there are no major movements on the ground at the moment.

– Every day we try to expel the enemy, and the enemy tries to take new positions and conquer more lands, he says and warns that the war has become every day.

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– Only now I understand the meaning of the famous title of the novel “Nothing New on the Western Front.” When you wake up, you conclude that everything is mostly quiet. But someone is dying out there.

Sweden is ready to do more

Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström is the host for the EU-Koliba meeting. It is not excluded that more aid will come from Sweden.

The country has already promised 10 Leopard 2 tanks, an Archer artillery system and 50 armored personnel carriers.

– We’ve done a lot. We’re ready to do more, says Bellstrom.

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