Elon Musk’s chatbot is not up to the best

Elon Musk’s chatbot is not up to the best

Elon Musk claims his new chatbot is the best in some areas. But his own data shows otherwise.

Elon Musk during a conversation with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on stage on November 2.

The short version

In March, the world’s richest man signed a critical petition. He, in collaboration with more than 1,000 other experts, called for the development of the largest language models to be postponed for half a year. It should give humanity sufficient time to put the regulatory rules into effect.

Obviously, the signature does not apply to his startup Xai. Over the past six months, the company has purchased thousands of advanced computers, hired expensive AI experts with experience from the best models, and trained an entirely new language model. Over the weekend, the chatbot “Grok” launched to the first paying X (formerly Twitter) users.

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