Explains this

Explains this

Many chains run their Christmas rum sales well, and if you get money for Christmas, it can be tempting to buy something nice on sale.

It's not always easy to tell how good an offer is – for example if prices have been lower on a previous occasion – and one reader has informed us that there may be something strange about the prices in NetOnNet's Room Christmas sale, which the online store refers to as “miracle low prices”. .

A quick look at the NetOnNet online store shows that in many cases the announced pre-sale price is the same as the Christmas offer price. In one case, the initial price is actually lower.

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Here are some examples:

  • Mission 5G Ymir gaming chair: introductory price NOK 599 / Christmas room price NOK 699
  • Marshall Minor III: introductory price NOK 990 / Christmas room price NOK 990
  • 7.5 liter crock pot: introductory price NOK 699 / Christmas room price NOK 699
  • Asus RT-AX57: introductory price NOK 899 / Christmas room price NOK 899

not wrong

So what happened here?

Christina Warmary, communications manager at NetOnNet, explains to DinSide that according to the Consumer Purchase Act, they offer products at the lowest prices in the last 30 days.

She says this is to make it clear to the customer how the price changed.

– Really disgusting

– For products whose crossed-out price is the same as the respective price, we are proud to be able to offer the same low price as during Black Friday itself – a heroically low price, if we do say so ourselves.

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Regarding the price situation where the previous price was lower than the current room price on Christmas, she explains that the price was simply lower in relation to Black Friday.

The initial price must be mentioned

According to the price information regulations, the merchant is obliged to state the lowest price he has used for at least 30 days before the start of marketing.

“Lowest price means the price applied for the item to the general public, or other larger groups of consumers belonging to various loyalty programs or customer clubs. When the price reduction increases gradually, the advance price is the lowest price before the first price reduction.” Price Information Regulations § 9A.

on Its websites, Virk explains One must mention the initial price where one or more items are marketed as discounted.

The duty applies to short-term sales and in cases where price reductions are marketed over a longer period, Virk wrote.

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