Ap Senior Gunda from Balsfjord takes a broiler settlement: – no work experience

Ap Senior Gunda from Balsfjord takes a broiler settlement: – no work experience

BALSFJORD (VG) Gunda Johansson (71) has served the Labor Party loyally for 45 years. But now he doubts the party's direction — and whether the party is under the right leadership.

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– I am very worried. When Labor can't do that, who will look after the people of the country?

VG meets Ap veteran Gunda Johansson in Balsfjord – about an hour's drive from Tromsø. He has been the mayor here for 16 years. 2003 to 2011 and 2015 to 2023. Although he later voluntarily stepped aside, he continued on the municipal council.

Johansson joined the Labor Party in 1979 and will mark 45 years next year. At the same time, the development of society raced forward, while the Labor Party struggled to keep up, he believes.

– We've lost members so it's out of date. In the nineties we had 500 members in the Balsjörður Labor Party. Now we are less than a hundred.

– How many are active?

– I dare not think about it. Not much. And the rest are getting older, says the 71-year-old.

Now she is actually retired, but still works as a nurse in refugee aid in the municipality.

Howdy: The former mayor of Balsfjord draws and explains the development of Ap.  We see a cowboy in the background.

Not sure about Støre

Johansson has several concerns for her party:

  • She doesn't know that Storr is the right person to lead them.
  • He believes they need more “ordinary people” in administration and care.
  • He believes that the party should distance itself from the center party, which has little left of him.
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– Storr does it as best he can. I don't have a clear idea whether he is the right party leader or prime minister. It is difficult. Because the National Assembly has elected him, we are loyal to the higher body, even if you have your own personal opinions.

– Maybe voters don't see him as a typical Ap man. Everyone knows that his background is that he comes from wealth. When voters don't define him as an AB man, we lose voters.

– Do you define him as an Ap man?

– The Labor Party traditionally comes from a completely different background than he does.

Nevertheless, he cautions against hoping that a change in party leadership will make the grass greener for the party.

– The Labor Party is not a one-man operation. There is no point in simply changing the party leader. We are a complex organization and we need to excel at bringing together people of different ages, social experience and backgrounds.

Representation: Johansen believes that it is important that all types of people are represented in Ap.

Broiler settlement

The former mayor believes Labor needs to get better at recruiting people from all walks of life into central offices and positions.

– Can't bring only crores of salary earners in central board and govt. We need people who have ten kroner left in their account when they pay their bills. Those who know it.

She also warns Broiler cultureBroiler cultureA negative term for a culture where young people quickly rise to high positions in politics or business without extensive experience..

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– We have been pointing out this broiler culture for a long time. Since you were prominent in a youth party, it is only logical that the common Ap man does not recognize a party where youths play leading roles.

– Bjørnar Skjæran is an exception. But he lost both the posts of Vice President and Fisheries Minister.

“Student, odd jobs, summer job, parliamentary summer job – government”, Kunda sums up the careers of AUF politicians who later hold leading political positions.

He points to both Knowledge Minister Donje Brenna and Fisheries Minister Cecile Mirseth.

— Chosen from Mirceth Trams. Do you think MP should have more work experience before becoming Fisheries Minister?

– It wouldn't have hurt her. It added to the understanding of society, and he says:

– But it's not just her. Donjay Brenna also has no work experience.

Johansson emphasizes that it's not black and white.

– This is a paradox. Because the app doesn't stand behind people getting educated and getting opportunities. But now it's reversed and we don't have illiterate people.

– Panic action

The central party is also not ready to settle for Gunda Johansson.

– We are artificially married to the central party. They look back and we look forward. I never believed in the red-green scheme. I think we need to take a clear step to the left. I like working with SV and Rødt, even if I don't agree with them on everything.

The Balsfjord politician is still an Ap girl around her neck. He believes the government has made a lot of sense, and highlights the reduction of the maximum price for day care – but:

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– It was given three weeks before the election. It seemed like an act of panic rather than good reason for the people.

Dark Ages: Balsjord and Labor are both in dark ages.

Very obedient

Before assessing the election campaign, Oslo's outgoing city council leader Raymond Johansson declared that he did not think there would be any honest review.

Balsjord politician votes in:

– I think he is absolutely right, we have become very loyal. I remember thunderous applause from lecturers at annual meetings and great orators who were right to be without makeup. I miss it. We have become very obedient.

– You too?

– Maybe I have some more thoughts than I shared with you, I sat in front of the kitchen table, yes.

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