Emile and Sandra (H) answer Filip (AP)

Emile and Sandra (H) answer Filip (AP)

If everyone is to succeed, we must have a school where there is room to be different

Written by: Sandra Alexander and Emil Rogberg, 4th and 8th Candidates for Østfold Hoyer County Council.

Read Filip Diskerud’s post here

All students are different. They have different dreams, interests, and starting points, and they learn in different ways. If all students are to succeed in school, there must be room to be different. Therefore, Høyre wants to create a more interesting and diverse school show in Østfold, and let the students choose what works best for them.

Philip Diskrod of Labor Ostfold wrote that they had a goal of creating a school where everyone would have an equal opportunity to succeed. Labor governed the county for 32 years and was responsible for secondary schools in Østfold. The result is that the dropout rate is very high. We want to do something about it.

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We want a greater variety of school offerings, with different subject areas and different profiles, so more people can find an exciting offer that works for them. We also want students to be able to apply to a school they want to attend, or from a school they don’t want to go to, so that students have more freedom to manage their school lives. We also want to offer a travel guarantee, so that no one has to travel far if they don’t want to. With more freedom of choice and more individual adaptation, we believe that more people will be motivated to complete the school course.

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Not all students fit in the same box. Therefore, we will make several boxes of different shapes, so that more students can find the one that suits them best.

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