60 people were injured during Travis Scott’s concert in Rome

60 people were injured during Travis Scott’s concert in Rome

Travis Scott (born 91) has to answer for himself again after injuring 60 people in the process Utopia– the concert is on Circus Maximus in Rome.

On this tour, there was a pepper spray incident that caused panic among the audience.

The Italian authorities have reportedly already launched an internal investigation.

After being turned down to perform at a concert at the Pyramid Complex in Giza, Travis Scott travels to Rome’s Eternal City to celebrate the release of his album.


The “Pick Up The Phone” rapper puts on a massive show that, according to Italian media files, created an earthquake-like sensation across the city.

However, not everything went smoothly for Travis, whose real name is Jack Webster II.

According to EuroStar News, there were 60 people who needed to be followed up by health workers after the concert. Several of them were said to have been sprayed with pepper spray, creating chaos. It is not known who started the flow.

Travis Scott Norway Astrid S Stavernfestivalen 2022 Cardi B The Kid Laroi Major Lazer Norway
Travis Scott at the Stavern Festival in 2019 (Stavern)

In addition, a 14-year-old boy was reportedly injured while trying to sneak into the concert area. The boy fell several meters from an unnamed structure, believed to be a tree.

It’s easy to condemn Travis for this, especially after the Astroworld tragedy in 2021. Meanwhile, we must remember that the Houston rapper has always been open about looming– The mentality that characterizes his concerts.

To put it this way: It would have been amazing if no one had been injured during Circus Maximus.

We should also remember the words of the rapper.

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Toyata packs like you’re in league / It is not cured if there is no injury. I staged a nosebleed for them

This is neither the first nor the last time someone has been injured during a Travis Scott concert. Mosphits, broken arms, and nosebleeds are in many ways the deal one gets into to enjoy the music of Huncho Jack – alias Travis – live.

The injured fans aren’t the only thing Jack is criticized for.

To everyone’s surprise, Kanye West appeared on stage.

Travis praises Kanye — aka Ye — as the best of the best before performing the duet “Praise God” and the certified classic “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” together.

– It’s nothing Utopia Without Kanye West, there is no Travis Scott without Kanye West. There is no Rome without Kanye West. Make some noise for me!

This is Ye’s first public appearance after the controversial and anti-Semitic remarks he made over the past year. The “Bound 2” rapper has since lost several collaboration deals as well as being fired from X – Twitter ex.

For good reason.

Kanye West fans have had to stand by their hero through countless speeches, public arguments, and strange claims. Comparing himself to Adolf Hitler and denying the Holocaust eventually became too much for the masses.

Earlier this year, she tried to make an apology of sorts by saying that Jonah Hill i 21 Jump Street Gave him a new perspective on the matter lol.

“Seeing Jonah Hill at 21 Jump Street made me like Jews again,” Yi writes on IG.

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The rapper adds that one should not let anger towards one or two people turn into hatred.

Kanye West wears a Balenciaga mouthguard during Paris Fashion Week. (Edward Berthelot / GC Images)

Admittedly, Jonah Hill is pretty funny 21 Jump Street, but not enough to convince Kanye fans. It is believed that Yi made anti-Semitic remarks on purpose in hopes of being shot down by several collaborators.

It now remains to be seen if fans will want to bring Yeezy back into heat after all that’s happened.

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