Philip Schofield – Afraid of Spitting

Philip Schofield – Afraid of Spitting

Philip Schofield, 61, says he is afraid to leave the house and fears being spit on the street as a result of his relationship with a younger colleague being revealed.

He says so in an interview with the sun.

In May this year, the presenter of the British program “This Morning” admitted that he had an affair with a male colleague “much younger than him” on the ITV channel that broadcasts the show.

The affair between the two reportedly took place while Scofield was still married to his wife, Stephanie Lowe.

complete confusion

– My fault

In an interview with The Sun on Friday night, he said he “doesn’t know when he’ll be able to walk out the door.”

A clearly upset Scofield expresses his fear of being spit on and harassed in the streets, at the same time saying that he is increasingly losing aspects of himself that he loves.

– But I deserve it, it’s my fault, he says.

Moreover, he says that his friends tried to cheer him up for things to get better, but he himself doesn’t believe that things will get better this time.

Presents as gay

Presents as gay

30 years older

Last week, the presenter quit ITV and was simultaneously dropped by talent agency YMU.

He himself described the relationship as “unwise, but not illegal”.

Scofield is 30 years older than the guy who was 20 at the time.

He worked on the program for a while and we became friends. And then, one day, something happened that changed it. This was the moment I look back on with deep regret, Scofield previously told The Sun.

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In early 2020, the same year he first came out as gay, Schofield confronted ITV after rumors he was having an affair with a colleague. Then the presenter denied the allegations that were presented to him.

standing out: Philip Scofield is the presenter of ‘This Morning’ on ITV where he has chosen to come out as gay. Video: ITV
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– No nanny

After he himself confirmed this relationship, more information about the relationship emerged. Among other things, Scofield first met the guy when the guy was still in school.

Pictures of these meetings are also said to have been posted on social media.

In a previous interview with The Sun this week, Schofield said: – I know our photos circulating on Twitter look shocking, but I’m no nanny.

He added that both of them agreed to the sexual relationship, and that it lasted more than half a year.

Due to all the speculations and mentions regarding the case on social media, the presenter has reportedly deleted all apps and turned off notifications.

According to himself, he will never use social media again.

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