Emile disappeared (2): – Our only hope

Emile disappeared (2): – Our only hope

The best hope for the missing boy Emil is also a terrible hope.

This is what the mayor, François Palec, said in an interview Le Figaro.

Emile has disappeared without a trace since July 8, when he suddenly disappeared from his ancestral garden in the small mountain village of Vernet in southern France. Hundreds of volunteers and envoys from the armed forces combed the city without success.

Balek explains that the best hope of finding him alive is that he has been kidnapped.

best hope

Given the young child’s age and the number of days he has been missing, his chances of survival are believed to be low. Especially if it has disappeared on its own.

“Malignant Tourism”: – Go away

Our only hope now is that he was kidnapped while he was alive. This is the last thing we can hope for, and it is absolutely terrible, says the mayor to Le Figaro.


– It is possible that someone who wanted to harm the children passed through the area and saw the little boy and took him with them. What is absolutely certain is that he will not be able to survive on his own in the wild.

However, Balick states that it is difficult to know exactly what happened to the young boy, and that it is difficult to prefer one hypothesis over another.

They disappeared from the same area: unexplained

They disappeared from the same area: unexplained

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The people of Vernet were affected by the disappearance for about a week. Now, the mayor where the village of Vernet is located, François Palec, wants to give the residents some relief.

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It’s reports BFM TV And La Provence.

He told a news conference on Friday that Becky had decided to lock down the entire city.

It states that travel to the city is forbidden, except for the residents themselves and those involved in the investigation into the disappearance.

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