The Supreme Court will reject US abortion law – VG

The Supreme Court will reject US abortion law - VG
Supreme Court: Abortion rights protesters in front of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. last fall when a controversial Texas law was up for an oral hearing.

The federal right to self-abortion may disappear if the statements in the leaked draft are true.


A project like the site Politico Happened, will reveal that a majority in the Supreme Court will overturn the Self-Abortion Act.

Federally enacted self-abortion law since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

The draft has not been verified by sources other than Politico, and the wording is subject to change. The leak, if it turns out to be real, is in this case a serious breach of the Supreme Court’s duty of confidentiality.

the draft Drafted by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

The closing statement writes that it is not expected to be released until late June CNN.

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Mississippi case

The Supreme Court statement is based on the Mississippi vs. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which VG visited in October last year.

The Mississippi case is about whether all bans on abortion before fetal survival—usually around week 22—are unconstitutional.

The JWHO counterpart, the Mississippi Health Authority, wants to ban abortion after the 15th week.

It has long been expected that the Supreme Court’s assessment of the case would go further by taking a stand on the cornerstone of American abortion legislation, Roe v. Wade.

If Roe falls against Wade, it will have consequences in the double-digit number of states that have legislation to limit access to abortion.

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The Supreme Court has not commented on the leak.

The White House has not made any statements yet, but the news is explosive and will likely push abortion forward and forward as a major issue in the months leading up to the US midterm elections in November.

CLINIC SHORT: Derenda Hancock outside Women’s Health in Jackson in October of last year.

Nobody expected this

VG has been in contact with Derenda Hancock. It is the so-called “short clinic,” which on a voluntary basis assists women requesting abortions at the Women’s Health Organization clinic in Jackson, Mississippi.

It is therefore the same clinic that is a party to the case in which the leaked draft revolves.

– No one expected anything like that. I’m on a thread with dozens of other clinic cards in other states now. We’re all just trying to understand what this means, Derenda Hancock told VG as soon as the news broke.

Laurie Bertram Roberts One of the prominent activists in the field of abortion in the southern states.

Roberts runs the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund, which in various ways helps women financially and practically who find it difficult to obtain an abortion agreement.

This leaked draft offers a glimpse into a bleak future and the decline of not only access to abortion, but also the right to privacy under the Fourteenth Amendment. I’m drugged tonight, but I’m firm in my commitment to helping people in Alabama and Mississippi get abortions, she told VG.

DISCUSSED: The debate over self-abortion in the United States has waned in recent years. The photo is from Tulsa, Oklahoma in April of this year.

Many strict abortion laws

The abortion issue has been one of the hottest abortions in the United States in recent years, while opinion polls show a majority holding Roe against Wade’s decision and federal abortion rights.

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In September last year, Texas, the second most populous state in the United States, passed a new abortion law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

Supreme court This law was not obstructed, but the final decision is expected to come at the same time as the decision in the Mississippi case – in June.

The Oklahoma state legislature passed a new law in April Which makes it illegal for doctors to perform abortions.

Several states also imposed temporary bans on abortion during the first year of the Corona epidemic, which was justified on the grounds of infection control.

The southern states Among those with strict access to abortionand JWHO is the only clinic in Mississippi.

The chart below shows how the issue of abortion has become increasingly polarized in the United States:

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