Emily Inger Mehl, ELLE Gala | When you pose as a minister in such dress, you should expect attention. Also to choose the dress

Emily Inger Mehl, ELLE Gala |  When you pose as a minister in such dress, you should expect attention.  Also to choose the dress

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When Justice Minister Emily Inger Mehl showed up in her slightly iconic dress at the Elle gala, all you had to do was sit quietly in the boat and wait for the commotion to start.

And he’s absolutely right. Kjetil Rolness posted a photo of Mehl on his Facebook page, writing that she had at least managed to get attention around the Center Party.

This post caught the attention of the columnist Bergensavisen, Josephine GerdyThey are greedy. And like many feminists, she seems devoid of humor, and draws the strangest conclusions – but completely predictable.

Bold choice of dress

She writes, among other things, that “A joking about a young minister choosing lingerie is no innocent joke. It is a loathsome reminder that women are never safe from being reduced to things.”

In this case, one could fiercely debate whether it was Rolness who was opposing Mehl – or whether she was simply opposing herself.

Simply put – when you wear such a dress as a minister, you should expect a little attention. Also to choose the dress. This is without depriving Mehl of her professional qualifications.

And here, Gerdy takes a long way off the field. where it stays stuck.

And I concluded that you can never win as a woman. Either you are too beautiful to say something sensible, or you are too ugly for men to listen to you. Convenience and carrying.

As if Mehl, who is a beautiful woman, is not being listened to? Is it not taken seriously?

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Or that women who are not young and pretty are not listened to? Like Erna Solberg? Like Angela Merkel?

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As if male politicians, who are in the upper half of the appearance scale, are not referred to as handsome or pretty? Like Jens Stoltenberg or Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

A classic feminist mistake

But it gets worse. Gerdy further writes that dehumanizing language is something we must take seriously.

and the following: “It is this flaw that prompts most of the women I know to consider how they choose to go home in the evening and share tips on how to hold keys between your fingers to turn them into weapons while handing out lip gloss. At a party. It is impossible to forget the certainty that if If a man wanted to put you down and rape you, he would most likely do that.”

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Many believe it’s still a long way off for any comments about Mehl’s choice to dress up to rape. Some might think Gerdy missed the mark.

Gerdy makes the classic feminist mistake. She is violated. she is angry. You read frivolously as Satan reads the Bible. Everything is taken very seriously, everything is interpreted in the worst sense, and as always – everything comes down to patriarchy.

Hey, of course, he’s not responsible at all for your choice of dress. Just like female influencers are not responsible for breast filling with Restylane, Botox, silicone and butt implants. It is the patriarchy behind it. They are pig men. They are to blame.

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What’s a little sad about all of this is that Gerdy and her like-minded people are only harming their cause. She pushes people away, writing only for the deeper and deeper core of moderate feminists.

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