Emily Nearing has found love again

A new flame: Influencer Emily Nearing has found love again.

Barely four months after Emily Nearing, 27, split from her partner after more than six years, she has found love again.


It is Nereng himself who reports this Instagram.

She wrote: “November started with the most amazing birthday celebration ever, transitioned to a cabin cruise, Maemo with my brother, birthday party, friends giving, a book completed, and above all I got a boyfriend!”.

“Thank you for being so sweet and crazy and fun and as fond of singing and as fond of life and all it has to offer as I am” is her tribute to her new boyfriend.

Also picked by Emily Nearing on Instagram declare the infringement With his partner Torgeir Glomnes Johansen earlier this year.

– This is difficult to write, but it is right to share; My partner and I decided over 6 years ago to go our separate ways, writes Nearing.

On Instagram, the influencer has nearly 200,000 followers. In 2021, she was named Food Influencer of the Year and is also the author of a cookbook.

Nering maintains that she only has nice things to say about her ex-husband Torgir Glumnis Johansen, with whom she became engaged in 2019 after several years of relationship.

We’re good friends and nice to each other through all of this, but of course it hurts incredibly.

Emily Nyering, who went by the nickname “Voe” when she started blogging in 2009, has become one of Norway’s biggest influencers.

She participated in the first season of the reality series “Bloggers”, and was also in the fifteenth season of “Skal vi danse” on TV2.

The 26-year-old was a finalist and took second place in the third season of “Kompani Lauritzen” on TV2, which premiered in the spring of 2022.


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