In my parents’ house there are many rooms

In my parents' house there are many rooms

Jesus says: Do not let anxiety rule your heart. Yes, it’s easy to say when you are God, was the young man’s comment when we were talking about this text from the Gospel of John. But for us humans, who struggle a bit with our lives from time to time. Some more than others, but most of us know something about insecurity, fear, or the feeling of anxiety’s inexplicable grip on the roots of the heart.

Fear of separation, ostracism, or loss, sometimes wreaks havoc with us. Who wants to hear that I no longer love you. Or I am life-threatening and on the verge of death. There’s a lot that can scare you, and make you uncomfortable about what’s to come. It is the second Sunday in Advent. We are preparing for the Christmas season. We will celebrate that God became human. God sees us and came down to us. The story of Jesus, born in a stable and laid between the boards of a manger. He came as a homeless Jesus. Without a home or bed, he soon became a refugee. No matter what kind of weirdness you may encounter. When Jesus came, he quickly became one of them, and one of those standing outside. Then he came to be a door opener. Give space, give space, include and add warmth. No matter what kind of weirdness it was. Jesus entered it, opening the way to society, the future and hope. Straight into death—and resurrection, when the last shut door opened wide—he was so faithful. Priest Knut Groenvik, commenting on this text, says that his whole life was a journey in which he let the exiles in and closed him. Sometimes we get a little caught up in explaining God. Then we make it really small, sometimes even a little frivolous I think. Some also have strong opinions about who has a place in Varchosett. Jesus says that in my father’s house there are many rooms. Jesus assures us that there are many rooms in heaven, with enough room for everyone. Jesus himself will be with us there. is the way there. No one comes to the Father except through me. This must have upset the righteous. Those who prefer to keep all doors open and choose their own paths. But for those he met along the way. This door to the father’s house is more than enough for those who are homesick and lost in the way of life. Enough for you and me. It is about faith. It is about going home because one is expected. Where you have to come is about more than just being good enough. You are loved. Still good advent season.

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