Emily Nehring talks about the hot TV kiss:

Emily Nehring talks about the hot TV kiss:

On Tuesday next week, the eighth season of the popular show “Farmen kjindis” is preparing to be shown on TV 2. Among the well-known personalities who will manage Li's farm in Tangen in Stange municipality is influencer and TV personality Emilie “Voe” Nereng (28 years old).

Reveals the details of the dream wedding

In the introductory video for the season, viewers witnessed a very loving and intimate moment between the 28-year-old and her then-relatively new boyfriend Michael Hanson (33).

The couple shared a passionate kiss in front of television cameras.

See the first photos from the “Celebrity Farm”. Video: TV2/Red Runner.
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To Se og hør, Nereng admits that the kiss was a bit small to watch on TV afterwards.

She explains that the relationship was relatively new at the time, and that they were still in the known stage of new love. Therefore, sharing a kiss in front of the camera was not a problem for the future couple. However, they were asked to do it several times from different angles, and it was difficult to refuse.

He was flirting with a man

He was flirting with a “well-known” man.

-I think he would quickly become a little young if the two lovers kissed quickly. It shows zero love in a way. But a kiss that's too fierce isn't ideal either. So it's about finding the fine line between what is the perfect kiss on TV, which is something I've been a little conscious of. But I thought: “Yes, yes, I have no problem kissing him, I do it with pleasure.”

TV File says she had to laugh when she saw the result on TV, and admitted it was a bit embarrassed. However, she does not regret reciprocating the love to this day.

-I am very fond of showing love. “So I'm glad we agreed instead of giving a little push,” Neering laughs.

linked: Influencer Emily Nearing reveals details of the proposal and upcoming wedding. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Selena Morkin
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very happy

More than six months later, the love between the couple does not seem to have waned. They have since gotten engaged, and the 28-year-old says she is very happy today:

-I have a good feeling of security in myself. I love the life I live and I have a wonderful girlfriend. I have nothing to complain about at all. Then it's just a matter of being extremely grateful and enjoying your luck, smiles the influencer.

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