Pledge: – Despair: – Not funny

Pledge: – Despair: – Not funny

In this country, we are encouraged to “mortgage everything – always.” In Sweden you have to say “panta mira”, and the Swedes may seem to take things too literally.

So much so that the Ica Maxi store in the Swedish city of Borås, about six miles east of Gothenburg, recently felt compelled to issue a warning about… Facebook.

Entry denied after this: – Unbelievable

– Reminder that deposit machines should only be used for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Anything else could cause machines to stop, as well as harm employees, they wrote.

Dirty underwear

According to the Swedish website News24The store is said to have found sex toys, jaws, knives and dirty underwear.

– Not funny. It's annoying and costs us a lot of time. This destroys the machines and leads to downtime, which also affects the customer, says store manager Jesper Heidel.

He says employees also worry about injuring themselves from people throwing sharp objects into the machine.


Mortgage “everyone” forgets

– Fortunately, we did not suffer any serious injuries. Hedel says it's unpleasant for employees to be afraid of cutting themselves with a knife.


according to Gutenberg Post In this case we are talking about the large type of deposit machines, where customers can empty deposit bags in one go.

Many of the store's followers on social media are angry at the way people are abusing the deposit machine.

– Many are surprised and frustrated that people are unable to act better, Hedel tells the newspaper.

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