England: – Buzz: – It’s important to have fun

England: – Buzz: – It’s important to have fun

When shifts get long and the heat sets in, company manager Peter Scott (46) offers some tips:

Together with a group of rowdy guys from the family-run haulage and equipment rental company “Scott Bro’s” in England, he jumps into the container pond he made last year and enjoys himself to death when the sun is shining.

This was written by the news agency Jam Press.

It’s important to enjoy yourself. For once, the company manager told the newspaper, you should take a break during working hours Teesside Live last year.

By then, there had been a tropical heat in England for a long time, and the searing temperatures afflicted any worker in the heat of the match, the paper reported.

A real treat

The container bath soon went over well with Peter’s classmates.

– We love to work and of course we have to work even when it’s hot – but having it is a real pleasure, says Neil Crawford, a machine operator at the company.

He admits that there will be a quick dip now and then to calm the dead body down.

– This is almost as good as a swimming pool in Benidorm, he continues.

Fake priest used: – He confessed his “sins”.

– It benefits everyone

The handyman made headlines across the country for his sensational “Jacuzzi” last summer.

The hot tub – which is actually a bowl – was rinsed with high pressure and sealed again with plastic wrap at the bottom before Peter and his colleagues filled it with cold water.

– That’s a great idea that benefits everyone, Peter said to Teesside, splashing in the container with his colleagues.

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With a water gun in his hands and a wide smile on his face, he cooled off during his lunch break – something he assured would not be the last.

Now temperatures are again on the scale – and it’s good to have a sauna container ready in the workplace, the news agency Jam Press writes.

– We’re just enjoying ourselves, Peter comments.

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