Erik Færevaag will be the new CEO of Easee – E24

Erik Færevaag will be the new CEO of Easee – E24

Founder Jonas Helmixtol announced in August that he would step down as president of the crisis-hit electric vehicle charging company.


Eric Verivage takes over as Managing Director of Easee. He will initially get the job on a temporary basis.

The new CEO has been working as an advisor at the electric vehicle charger company since February of this year. He was referred to as a technology entrepreneur in Easee’s press release on Wednesday.

Easee’s outgoing CEO, Jonas Helmextol, who helped found the company, announced in August that he would step down. This happened less than half a year after the crisis and large-scale layoffs at Easee.

In August, Easee founder Jonas Helmixtol announced his resignation from his position as chairman.

– We have taken several large, important and structural measures to secure Izzy and we have a good plan to move forward. But this is intense work after everything the organization has been through, says board chairman Ketil Nasje in the report.

– That’s why we need someone who is detail-oriented and has experience leading growing companies at a high level. He’s the right man for the job at the stage Easee is in now, Næsje says more about the new boss.


Easee has been facing a crisis since the Swedish authorities imposed a freeze on sales of its chargers in March. And the reason was that Ground fault circuit breaker solutionGround fault circuit breaker solutionA switch that cuts off the power supply if accessible surfaces are turned on And DC protectionDC protectionA safety device in the charging station ensures that charging is stopped in the event of fault currents The chargers did not meet standard requirements, according to Al Suwaidi Swedish Electrical Safety Authority.

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In May, the Norwegian National Communications Authority (Nkom) opened supervisory proceedings against the company after the Swedish sales ban became known. Nkom later concluded that they would not complain about the Swedish sales ban.

This could result in sales of shipping boxes from the entire Norwegian manufacturer being banned in the entire European Economic Area.

Easee laid off more than half of its employees after the crisis. In August, it became clear that up to 200 of the 350 permanent staff would be made redundant.

In connection with the news of the president’s departure and mass layoffs, the company also announced that it had brought in NOK 60 million in new money.

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