Erling Braut Haaland, Lionel Messi

Erling Braut Haaland, Lionel Messi

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There are those who say Haaland, Many say Messi and according to rumors it is the Argentine who wins because he is Messi, finally a world champion with many trophies before him.

According to the leaks, it may seem as if the matter is not about the mother or the daughter, and that the Norwegian candidate comes with a bag over his head.


Just having a young Norwegian footballer there is somewhat unimaginable.

Messi or Haaland, so to speak, have tasted it.

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The Golden Ball was First awarded in 1956, it went to Blackpool legend Sir Stanley Matthews, and since the sphere of influence became global in 2007, it has become the award that most often follows the name of the world’s best footballer. Since 2008, with two exceptions – Luka Modric 2018 and Karim Benzema 2022 – it has been won by Lionel Messi (7) and Cristiano Ronaldo (5).

No Norwegian footballer has ever come close to the trophy, although until 1995 it served as a European trophy for Europeans.

Now there are many who believe that it is Erling Braut Haaland’s turn.

The only one facing is the greatest of them all, the best Messi in the world.

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The rest is how the long-awaited World Cup title will be judged against the rare treble of Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup – not to mention the top-scoring titles in England and Europe.

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In 2022, France Football amended the rules, changing the criteria from following the calendar year to following the season.

If the World Cup in Qatar had been played like any other World Cup in history, in the summer, Erling Braut Haaland would not have had a real rival.

Morten B

Morten Pedersen from Valerenga, east of Oslo. I worked as a freelancer at Arbeiderbladet during school. To Dagbladet in 1986. Two spells as Dagbladet’s correspondent in London. Online newspaper as of 2021. Editor and publisher of the football magazine – 4-4-3 Gatelagmagasinet.

The golden ball Perhaps the greatest sporting award of all time, it has been called the Football Nobel Prize due to the scale and reach of the beautiful game from a global perspective. Only in Norway are we able to take individuals out of the team, and at the same time understand that the best of the best does not have to be done alone.

Erling Braut Haaland is this year one of two who could win this award, no less.

If you’re talking about who deserves it based on performance over an entire season, it better be Norwegian.

Lionel Messi won the World Cup with Argentina, the only trophy missing in his career, but he never had a season close to his previous highs.

Erling Braut Haaland, who comes with the Norway Paralympic national team, won everything else.

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I should be here at home Another ‘referendum’ for Erling Braut Haaland to get the honor and glory he deserves as Norway’s greatest athlete in recent years, and perhaps the greatest of all time. This should not be the case, not even in a country with a stellar record of international championship medals.

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If it weren’t for the phone votes that overwhelmingly went Broughton’s way in choosing “Name of the Year,” the 2023 Sports Gala would have been a scandal, too.

If you don’t come home from the World Championships, European Commission, or Olympics with something to show for it, the jury doesn’t seem willing to see your way.

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The best in the world As a sporting nation, football is the biggest sport of all, but we struggle to appreciate the achievements that are talked about in the nooks and corners of all countries and parts of the world. It’s a paradox.

The other reason is that the whole country goes crazy when Norway rarely goes to the qualifiers or wins major football matches, as happened on a number of occasions in the 1990s.

Maybe it’s a matter of tradition, and being a global star and becoming the top-shelf goalscorer in football is so far away that the ability to comprehend freezes.

You don’t have to be born with skis on your feet if your daily life is the pinnacle of world athletics, but I hope you understand what I’m talking about.

We are good at many things in Norway, but we struggle to put the enormous achievements of a footballer into a high-level sporting perspective.

That’s stupid, that.

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