Espen Ekpo, Asbjørn’s Christmas Calendar | Espen Ekpo reveals an “unknown” past.

Espen Ekpo, Asbjørn’s Christmas Calendar |  Espen Ekpo reveals an “unknown” past.

Comedian Espen Ekbo (50 years old) is spreading the Christmas spirit these days with “Asbjørn’s Christmas Calendar” on TV 2.

The 50-year-old actor is one of the most famous comedians in the country, and has excelled for several decades in presenting different characters on television. But what everyone probably doesn’t know is that for a long time Ekpo seemed to be taking a completely different career path than where he ended up.

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Originally, Ekpo was slated to become a lawyer.

-I studied law “in the past.” So I have a bachelor’s degree in law, but I haven’t finished everything,” he told Netavicin.

Had to postpone the exam

In fact, Ekpo funded his studies with comedy assignments in his spare time, but eventually the latter took over.

Because while it was going well for a long time to get it all together, suddenly an offer came along that the comedian felt he couldn’t refuse.

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– I had to say yes to a project that required me to work full time, and then I had to postpone some exams. I felt like I had to say yes, so the humor train wouldn’t leave me. “Because I always dreamed of working with a sense of humor,” Ekpo recalls.

However, the plan was not to completely abandon law studies.

-The plan was to prove myself well as a comedian so that I could take two years off and finish my studies. And that’s really what I still do. Then I don’t know what happened, but now I’m sitting here without implementing that plan, he laughs.

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Good experience for later in life

Although he never completed his studies and became a lawyer, Ekpo gained a lot of knowledge from his studies.

He says: – I know a little about inheritance law and maritime law.

“If, for example, you have a couple of ships crashed in international waters and you’re wondering what laws apply and how to do that with a settlement, I can pull out some old books and help you out,” Ekpo adds.

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The 50-year-old has no regrets about not finishing his studies, although he wouldn’t have minded a full degree.

“It was great to finish school and get a full education,” Ekpo says, adding that he still feels he gained a lot from his time as a student.

– Even though I don’t work in it, I am very happy because I learned a lot in that course. I don’t need a lot of help negotiating deals, for example. So there are some advantages like that, he says of using the experience today.

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