Helen Spelling talks about all the attention

Helen Spelling talks about all the attention

Last year, star couple Helen Spelling (27) and Martin Odegaard (24) received a lot of attention in both Norwegian and foreign media.

This summer was the time when the two were able to confirm that they had found love, and since then they have had to endure a lot of questions about the relationship.

Ambiguous about the future

Reverse Here and now Spilling admits it was difficult at times with all the attention.

The 27-year-old returned as a professional dancer in this year’s season of “Skal vi danse”, and here too there was great interest in her relationship with the footballer.

– There was a lot of focus on Martin’s private life and relationship. I understand that it might be interesting to some, but specifically in the context of “Shall We Dance” I am first and foremost a professional dancer, she tells Her og Nå.

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Spelling says she really wanted to keep her private life off the parquet, but that was a challenge at times. In this year’s edition, Spilling was partnered with Harlem Alexander (36), with whom she finished fourth.

Come with a stab at living

Come with a stab at living

– On several occasions, Harlem answered a lot of questions and surrendered to the interview situation. The journalist then finished by asking me a question about the relationship with Martin – and that’s what ended up as the headline. I think it’s sad that it overshadows all the beautiful things that Harlem has to offer, says the professional dancer to Her og Nå.

difficult: Comedian Matt Rife believes it’s not just about looking good. Video: Orjan Ryland / Dagbladet
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Spelling made her debut in the dance competition in 2020, and has placed in the top five every year. Shortly into this year’s season, the 27-year-old was ambiguous about whether she would return to the court next year.

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– we will see. I don’t know yet. One wonders what life was like back then. A new evaluation must be conducted every year. I’m not sure they will ask me either, I don’t know if she said the opposite TV 2.

It is considered to be declining

Also confronting Dagbladet, Spilling has previously strongly opposed the coverage of the relationship between her and the footballer.

Defending his girlfriend: - Disrespectful

Defending his girlfriend: – Disrespectful

-I thought about saying no to “Shall We Dance” for this reason (attention, editor’s note). I’ve already done that. “It is intense, but I am very happy with this programme,” she said on the occasion of the launch of the previous season “Skal vi danse”.

At the time, it was specifically referring to the coverage of Se og Hør.

– I think it is disrespectful to send a car behind others for several hours. “It’s not fun, and I think it’s really disrespectful,” she said of the magazine.

not satisfied: Harlem Alexander was not happy with the judges’ comments on tonight’s “Shall We Dance” broadcast. On the other hand, dance partner Helen Spelling agreed with the judges. Reporter: Ken Falch. Video: Thea Hope/Red Runner
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At the time, the editor in charge at Se og Hør responded to the professional dancer’s criticism with the following:

-We have to tolerate criticism. These are two of our big, interesting profiles that both we and Norway are concerned about. After all, they helped make the relationship a little mysterious through social media, and we appreciate that, he told Dagbladet.

Dagbladet is owned by Aller Media, which also owns Se og Hør.

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