Esteban Ocon spat in his helmet during the race – Lando Norris describes the race as very dangerous

Esteban Ocon spat in his helmet during the race – Lando Norris describes the race as very dangerous

Many drivers suffered major physical ailments during and after the race in Qatar. The extreme heat caused people to faint, vomit, and have to withdraw from the race.


Max Verstappen was once again superior in Qatar, while Hamilton collided with his teammate. After the race, it was the intense heat that stole the focus.

Because in temperatures near 40 degrees and extreme humidity, this was an unimaginably difficult race for many drivers. The first to notice was Esteban Ocon, who jumped on his helmet.

-I vomited around round 15-16. I vomited for two rounds. Then I thought: Damn, this is going to be a long race. “I’ve never experienced this before,” says Esteban Ocon. Sky Sports.

He finished the race in an impressive seventh place.

Spear in helmet: Esteban Ocon wore his own helmet due to the extreme heat in Qatar.

-I couldn’t see where I was driving because I was about to faint. My awareness came and went. It was very hot, Lance Stroll tells the press after the race. It was number 11.

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– Today we found the maximum of what we can bear. It’s sad that we had to find out this way. Some ended up in the medical center and others lost consciousness afterward. It’s very dangerous, says Lando Norris in the post-race press conference.

-At the speeds we were driving at, this was very dangerous.

  • Verstappen called for help in a wheelchair as Oscar Piastri lay exhausted and drenched in sweat in the break room after the race:

Because of serious RestrictionsRestrictionsHeight in the asphalt at the edge of the track. To determine where the path goes. Directly translated, it means sidewalk. It was decided that all drivers would have three pit stops each, and that they could only drive 18 laps on each tyre. This meant that there was intense pace throughout the race without any laps where the focus was on saving tyres.

– It’s very rare to see this, and it just shows how serious this is. There is very little cooling in the cockpit. There is an engine and technical parts that emit heat. “So, the temperature in the cockpit is probably 60-65 degrees,” Thomas Shea said in the Viaplay studio after the race.

Both Williams drivers felt really hot. Logan Sargent was eventually forced to abandon the race due to dehydration, while Alex Albon had to be taken to hospital to receive treatment for a severe fever.

– He was examined and released from the hospital, Williams signs X.

Valtteri Bottas said the driving was “torture” and that it was on the border of what was acceptable.

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-I was pretty sure I was going to faint. I work out a lot in the sauna to practice driving in the heat. Every time you sit in the sauna and reach your breaking point, you want to get out. That’s how I’ve felt since the 20th round, George Russell tells Viplay.

Then there were 37 rounds left.

He goes on to say that he took his hands off the steering wheel on the straights because it was too hot to hold the wheel.

Qatar has just signed a new ten-year contract with the Formula 1 circus. This means it will be running here for the next ten years.

Next year they will return to Qatar later in the year. Then they will drive there in December. Norris expects things to be better after that.

– The weather will be colder next year, but we have to think about this. I’m sure we’ll talk about it because this never should have happened in the first place.


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