European Union, Mobile Phone | Now all cell phones should have the same charger

European Union, Mobile Phone |  Now all cell phones should have the same charger

The European Union decided last year that all portable batteries – and all others – should be better and easier to replace. Now the European Union is introducing new requirements – and they now apply to chargers. A number of electronic products will now be equipped with one type of charger: USB-C. This requirement comes into effect on December 7, 2024. The National Communications Authority (Nkom) reported.

This means that all this equipment gets the same charger:

  • Cell phones, tablets and e-readers
  • Digital cameras
  • Video game consoles
  • Headphones (headphones and earbuds)
  • Portable speakers
  • Wireless mice and wireless keyboards
  • Portable navigation systems

Laptops will have the same requirements starting April 7, 2026.

Apple didn't budge

According to the British government channel BBC, Apple should not have been excited about this charging revolution.

Strict rules imposed on such equipment limit innovation rather than encourage it, an Apple representative told the BBC.

But they have already started supplying mobile phones with this charger.

But the Power electronics series is satisfied.

– The force is positive about the suggestion and it is great that the cables can be used interchangeably. This is good for the consumer, and not least good for the environment, says Elizabeth Gill, marketing director at Power to Nettavisen.

This is also the opinion of Nkom, which is responsible for drawing up regulations for the new directive and verifying that products sold meet the requirements

– This is an important contribution to reducing the amount of electrical waste and reducing the consumption of raw materials and carbon dioxide emissions. This is an example of how changing regulations creates benefits for both consumers and the environment without compromising the benefits we get from the products, says Nkom's division manager Frode Målen on the company's website.

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