Mobile sleeping bags should bring people back to their own lives

Mobile sleeping bags should bring people back to their own lives

Dishman Library hopes its mobile phone sleeping bags will help us stay away from the screen. Photo: Emily Holtitt/NTB

Deichman's new “Bring Back Life” campaign will help us move away from the immersive mobile screen. Among other things, the library distributed 25,000 portable sleeping bags.

Two-thirds of the population believes they spend too much time in front of screens, according to a survey conducted by Kantar for the Digitox research project. Almost half of them answer that they do not read without doing something using the screen at the same time.

“With these portable sleeping bags, we hope it will be easier to put the phone away and be present in our lives — not least in the books we read,” says Dishman Library Director Merritty Lee in a press release.

“Give your mobile phone a little break” is what is written on the little cases that will motivate us to put down the phone, media platform and gaming console.

Sleeping bags are one of the many offerings that will make people aware of their screen use.

The campaign launches on Monday, and over the next few months, there will be a number of events, discussions and free conversations about our relationship with screens and technology, for better or worse.

-We worry that the enjoyment of reading is on the decline. We get used to video, pictures and short texts, and we become bad at reading long texts. “That's why we want to test some measures,” Lee says.

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