Eurovision fans are being scammed

Eurovision fans are being scammed

Liverpool will host the Eurovision Song Contest this year in the spring, but the host city has already faced many problems. The shortage of hotel rooms and the rates at which the hotel industry operates during Eurovision week are causing controversy.

If you want to experience musical competition up close, you may have to ditch it just as hard NOK 50,000 – per night. There were also options to sell in the million range.

forced to intervene

This is not the only challenge Eurovision fans face. Several People Who Booked Rooms In The City, In May, Experienced Theft Of Their Private Information — Then They Got Fraud, Writes BBC.

“Amouk”: Former Italian Eurovision contestant Blanco is facing bad weather after his show on Tuesday 7 February. Video: Ray/Youtube. Correspondent: Magnus Pauss
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Targeted scam attempt has confirmed to the BBC that some of its partners have been subjected to targeted fraud attempts, but denies that a security breach occurred.

That's why they brought down Norway

That’s why they brought down Norway

The company advises all of its customers to speak directly to their hotel if they have concerns, and believes some properties have had their internal systems exposed after clicking on a link in a fraudulent email.

The BBC has not been able to verify this is why the fraudsters obtained personal data from customers.

Several ardent fans of the contest contacted the BBC’s Eurovision podcast, where they told, among other things, how they almost allowed themselves to be fooled by the scammers.

Russia’s responses: Many Russian media claim that the Polish results announcer gave a Nazi salute during Eurovision. This is categorically denied by an expert on Russian propaganda. Video: Eurovision.
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– You tried to deceive me

One of them is Mark Derwell, who booked an apartment for himself and three friends via

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In early February, someone contacted him on WhatsApp claiming to be a receptionist at the property.

Anger v. International Jury

Anger v. International Jury

First, the alleged receptionist asked if Derwell needed parking. Then the person claimed that there were problems with his payment.

– I thought this must be real, but then I got a phone call from my bank saying someone was trying to defraud me out of my money.

mistake: Not all went according to plan during the broadcast of NRK’s ​​Melodi Grand Prix on Monday, February 7th. Video/photos: NRK
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About NOK 9,000 was transferred from Deruelle’s account to an account in Uganda, but the transaction was cancelled.

– I felt very stupid, because I have never come close to being deceived. He took all the joy out of the trip. Now I don’t want to go anymore because they have all my travel details and they know that I am away from my home during that period.

Noise in the hall during the final match

Noise in the hall during the final match

So the Eurovision fan chose to cancel the trip, and then contacted his accommodation provider, who told him they had heard similar stories, which the BBC was able to confirm.

Support shows: In principle, political statements are not allowed at Eurovision.
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UKH Hospitality, which represents more than 700 companies, says it’s always better to deal directly with hotels, rather than third-party booking platforms.

“It’s about young people, who wouldn’t normally book and travel to these kind of events, and scammers are taking advantage of these vulnerable people,” says Managing Director, Kate Nicholls.

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