Every tenth company uses artificial intelligence

Every tenth company uses artificial intelligence

11 percent of Norwegian companies and organizations with at least ten employees now use one or more AI-based technologies, according to new figures from Statistics Norway. Use of ICT in business. In a similar study of Eurostat It turns out that 7 percent of Norwegian companies used AI in 2020.

The most common is workflow automation. 6 percent of companies use this type of technology, According to statistics from Norway. And despite the fact that we hear a lot about robots, drones and self-driving cars and often associate AI with them, KI technologies are used by the least, just 1%.

popular in communication

In the information and communications industry, 42 percent of companies with at least ten employees use one or more KI technologies. This group excels in the use of AI compared to the others – and is also the largest user of all KI technologies.

On the other hand, there are accommodation and catering activities, automobile trading and repair, transportation and warehousing, with the shares amounting to 2, 3 and 3 percent respectively.

Lack of efficiency is the biggest obstacle

The proportion of companies using artificial intelligence is increasing in line with the scale. If there are more than 100 employees, approx. Three out of ten companies are KI Technologies. In companies with 10-19 employees, only 8 percent use KI.

7 percent of companies that do not use KI have considered doing so. They state that the biggest obstacle is the lack of relevant competence, and in fact, 58 percent stated that this is an important factor.

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