Everyone hits: – What's happening?!

Everyone hits: – What's happening?!

It's questionable whether your boss will accept the apology, but if you've noticed that your iPhone alarm hasn't gone off as usual lately, it may actually be Apple's fault.

Since iOS 17 rolled out last fall, a number of iPhone users have reported issues with their alarm clock not working as it should. This is despite the fact that the sound has been turned to maximum and the alarm has been set to repeat.

Many have reported the problem, both in Apple discussion forumon Reddit And on TikTok.

-I slept through all my stimulants. What's going on, says Tiktok user Charckaylotte in a viral video.

Discovery of the horror virus

Reacts to eye contact

However, it has now emerged that all of this may be related to a feature in iOS 17 called “Attention Aware” – or “Respond to eye contact” It is also called in Norwegian.

This feature uses the front-facing TrueDepth camera to track your eye movements, allowing it to determine whether or not you're looking at your iPhone and perform various actions based on that.

It's basically a cool function, which for example ensures that the screen doesn't darken when you're actually looking at it.

He hits

However, it may also appear to be ineffective specifically when it comes to alarms.

When you lift your phone to turn off the alarm, it instead assumes you're awake and mutes the audio alert.

- Drop it

– Drop it

Fixed for now

Although the alert issue has been known for a while, Apple doesn't seem to have come up with a solution. In the meantime, the advice is to disable the eye contact function by doing the following:

  • Go to the Settings app
  • He chooses Face ID and code
  • Turn off the switch Reacts to eye contact

You can also find it below Settings > Accessibility > Face ID and Eye Contact.

On Reddit, some users pointed out that the new standby feature in iOS 17 (Standby) may be a scapegoat for the alert issue. This turns the iPhone into a smart display when the phone is charged and placed horizontally. To disable standby mode, go to Settings > Standby mode It turns off the function.

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The last trick is to delete some alerts if you have a lot of them during the same time period.

On social media, there are many who recommend downloading a third-party app for alarms if that doesn't solve the problem. Worrying Goes again as a recommendation.

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