Experts believe that AI visions are exaggerated

Experts believe that AI visions are exaggerated

Many Norwegian teachers were left behind when ChatGPT was launched, and in 2023, the technology has gone from being a distant future dream to becoming part of many people’s daily lives.

– I would call it a turning point, says American researcher at Stanford University Fei-Fei Li about the year that follows us.

She believes that the year of AI 2023 will be remembered for two things: the new technology that has become available, and that the population has woken up and realized the opportunities and dangers of the technology.

When schools opened their doors after the Christmas holidays, disturbances began to spread in teachers’ rooms. ChatGPT was soon banned in classrooms from Seattle to Paris. In many places, pencil and paper have become the solution to getting students to write texts themselves.

Great future prospects

The technology behind language models like ChatGPT works by calculating the probability of the next word in text – after “learning” it through quantitative training.

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From time to time, the facts are confusing, but the texts often seem so natural that expectations about the technology are at an all-time high.

Other AI tools, such as image generation, music tools, and video processing, are also becoming more popular in 2023. The big strike in Hollywood this year was, among other things, over fears that AI could take over the work of scriptwriters and actors.

Many companies working in the field of artificial intelligence claim that this technology will surpass human intelligence. Among some, there are also warnings that artificial intelligence may become a threat to human existence.

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Inflated expectations

But not everyone believes that artificial intelligence will end the world. Among the skeptics is Dave Micko of the US research institute Gartner.

– Mikko says that now is the peak of inflated expectations for generative AI.

There are huge claims from companies and manufacturers about generative artificial intelligence, its characteristics and capabilities, he continues.

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It’s important to remember that companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple are listed companies that are supposed to make money. Companies want us to adapt to their claims about technology, according to Miko.

Recently, Google received criticism for a video posted earlier in November that was supposed to show the characteristics of a new AI model. The video turned out to be edited, and not a real-time demo, as it appeared.


It is also easy to forget that this is not the first wave of AI commercialization. Both image recognition and “smart” voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa have been with us for some time. However, Siri co-founder Tom Gruber said the AI ​​wave we’re experiencing now is unlike anything else he’s seen.

Concerns about the risk of KI being destructive to society have already proven to be justified. Many fake videos of top politicians are already circulating. Fake videos from the wars in Gaza and Ukraine have also caused problems. Many are bracing themselves for a lot of misinformation in the upcoming US elections.

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Experts warned whether legislation kept pace with developments. However, the European Union has agreed to a legal framework for AI, but it will not come into force before 2025. In Norway, we will have a Ministry for Digitization from the new year, which is a clear signal that the government will be more involved in the technology. In the community.

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But to what extent artificial intelligence will shape our lives remains an unanswered question.

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